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Dec 20, 2000 06:31 PM

Mongolian BBQ

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There used to be this awesome Mongolian BBQ on Hollywood Blvd. near Western, after the earthquake and the Metro rail started they where gone. I remeber the wacky lady who ran it said the had another palce in the valley somewhere. Does anyone know what i am talking about????
HELP ME find some great Mongolian BBQ. Scott

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  1. I have two Mongolian restaurants in my hopelessly out-of-date database.

    The first is Golden Lion Mongol's BBQ in Pasadena. The other is Silver Wing, in Alhambra, which, from what I gather is not a BBQ restaurant per se but technically Mongolian in a Chinese kind of way.

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      In the 99 Ranch Market shopping center on Wolfe Road. They have the restaurant reviews of their Alhambra location on the wall. The place on Hollywood Blvd. was simply named Mongolian Barbecue.

      1. re: Chandavkl

        I'm glad Silver Wing is still around, even if it's nowhere near me. It was a wonderful Yangchow-style restaurant--nothing like Mongolian!--with great regional dumplings made with things like pine needles and minced eel, a good version of the regional dish of chicken, ham and pressed tofu julienned and tossed with soy, and the best cats' ears noodles anywhere.

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          I miss Silver Wing that was in the mall right near New and Valley. Also miss the old 3-6-9 that was there, great ginkgo dish they had, served over a spirit lamp. I believe the pine-needle Yangzhou-style dumpling is just a poetic name, and it had pine nuts as I recall. Must make a sidetrip to Cupertino if I go to the Bay Area. Thanks for the update.

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            The exact address is 10885 N. Wolfe Road, though you have to find it inside of a pretty large shopping center that probably has a dozen Chinese restaurants in it. The center is located a few blocks north of Stevens Creek Blvd., and just before you cross into Sunnyvale.

    2. I remember the Mongolian BBQ on Hollywood Blvd. Dark, dank, dingy, smokey. I was a regular there. I'm glad it moved on before having to be subjected to Joel Grover's fascist inquisition.

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        I grew up going to that Mongolian barbecue. That "wacky" lady would regularly not give us kids drinks if she thought we misbehaved. She knew we liked it spicy and liked to watch us squirm.

        And actually, she was caught on videotape getting closed down by the health department. That was by some pre-Channel 2 pioneer of shock television.

        I always thought a C health rating was a guarantee of good food.

      2. Does anyone know a place like this in Las Vegas,Nevada?

        1. If you or anyone else is still looking, search on this board for the description of Pan Asia Mongolian BBQ in Costa Mesa. The best.

          1. There is a dingy but GREAT mongolian place in the Valley - on Corbin and Vanowen or Victory or something like that... in a little strip mall plaza. So good and all you can eat!