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Dec 26, 2007 01:52 PM

Valentine's Day is stupid -- but I wouldn't turn down the meal!

Where should my boyfriend and I go to dinner to celebrate the most Hallmark of holidays? He loves to find any reason for us to dine. I'm hoping for a little low-key restaurant - a la Little Owl, but he keeps suggesting Tribeca Grills or Gotham. I'd love to find a place that's special, but not HUGE.

Places we've gone before and loved: A Voce, Danube, Peasant, Alfama, Blue Hill, Knife and Fork, Fleur de sel

Places we've gone and thought were just ok: Tocqueville, Craft Bar, Country, Buddha Bar

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  1. If you'd like small and intimate we LOVE Prune although it seems to get some neg. posts here (don't know why)
    For a more elegant meal, L'imperio. Larger space but not "Gotham" large. Very delicious and lovely space and service.

    1. What about Bouley? I've always felt the set up of the restaurant makes it feel very intimate even though it at first appears large.

      1. We did Apizz on the LES for amateur night last year and really enjoyed it. Not to big with exposed brick walls give it an intimate feel. The short rib and gnocchi, if they still have it, was delicious.

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          casa mono is rather small. resto is also a good bet. on the larger side but not too crazy, i would say Hearth.

          1. re: cdog

            Cdog -- I love both Casa Mono and Resto :) How is Hearth? I've never been and hear both fabulous and terrible things....

            1. re: tracyw19

              i like it. some folks are bit turned off by the portion size relative to the price, but i can live with it. the wine list and dessert menu are also a treat. the service is top notch and they really go all out for the customer. the gnocchi are amazing and probably some of the best in town. they an excellent tasting menu and are more than willing to play around with it if you would like to add something or replace a certain item that you may not be able to eat.