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Dec 26, 2007 01:45 PM

Breakfast places near Union Square?

Any suggestions for a fun casual spot for breakfast after shopping at the Greenmarket?

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  1. Veselka isn't too far on 2nd Ave and 9th.

    Or hop on the 6 train for three stops and treat yourself to Balthazar!


    1. Tisserie on 18th and Union Square West would probably fit the bill. City Bakery is a short walk but gets very crowded. Coffee Shop is fun but the food is just "ok". Also, Friend of a Farmer on Irving has great eggs and a fantastic bread basket. Enjoy!

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      1. re: Nikki NYC

        i'd say the food at Coffee Shop is several steps below ok...closer to "wretched".

        i used to live in Union Square, and my fav breakfast place was Cafe Mogador, but that may be too far a walk (St. Marks between 1st/AveA) if you are toting a lot of Greenmarket produce. But thats where i'd go.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          The Smith is a great suggestion! You could try Friend of a Farmer on Irving, but the line tends to be very long. Tisserie has good food, but you order at the counter and then take your own table--not sure if that's what you are looking to do?

        2. I second the Veselka or Cafe Mogodar vote. Coffee Shop is really really overpriced and terrible. Blue Water Grill has a decent brunch if you're going "upscale".

          1. We do the Greenmarket, EV Cheese, Whole Foods on Houston, Essex Street Market trek. So I'd probably walk to the LES and have breakfast at Shopsin's (check hours) or go to the Coffee Shop if there wasn't a line. My experiences at the Coffee Shop have been different from the other posters (I'm more in the Nikki NYC "okay" camp). To be fair, I have not been recently and there are better/cheaper places. There used to be an Ess-a-Bagel not far from Beth Israel. That's a short walk if you are a walker. No ambience, but good and inexpensive if you want carbs and nova. Meets OP request for casual, but I wouldn't consider it "fun."