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Dec 20, 2000 01:11 PM

Chef's Tables in LA?

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I want to get my foodie friend dinner for two at a chef's table, and I was hoping someone might be able to recommend one. She may be reading this message, so I hope you don't mind the anonymity (hey -- it could be for you!).

She likes delicious, creative food. Campanile is among her very favorites, I believe. I'm not from LA, but I ate there once and I can understand why...

Anyway, I called Campanile but they said they don't offer a chef's table. I want to spend $400 max for the two of them. Can anyone suggest the best chef's table in LA?


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  1. It's not exactly L.A., but I believe that the extraordinarly well-reviewed Aubergine, in Newport Beach, offers a chef's table.

    You might give them a call at (714)723-4150.

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      Also try Troquet in South Coast Plaza.

    2. The restaurant at the Bel Air Hotel has a chef's table, and the food there is excellent. Another place with a chef's table is Splash in Redondo Beach, which has come out of a bad patch and is now a reliably good place, if not in the same league as the Bel Air or Campanile. (It is about half the price, however, and the service is good.) The maitre'd is Catello Vahacore, and if you take his advice on food and wine pairings you will do very well.

      1. Thank you all for the recommendations.

        I'm going to subtley bring up the restaurants mentioned, to see which she prefers.

        Thanks again. (If anyone has additional suggestions, don't hesitate -- I won't talk to her for a few days, and I'm sure other chowhounds could benefit from the discussion.)