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Dec 26, 2007 01:32 PM

Restaurants in Chatham, MA

My wife and I and another couple are spending the New Year's weekend in Chatham,MA. Since we'll be staying at a B&B, our breakfasts are taken care of as well as a buffet on New Year's Eve. Any recommendations for the remaining lunch and dinner meals? We're already familiar with the Impudent Oyster from previous visits and plan to have one meal there. But not having been in the Chatham area recently,we don't know what's new and exciting (but not too exciting; my wife is your basic meat and potato lover with occassional forays into the areas of fish and chips and pasta bolognese). Thanks

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  1. My wife and i did Vining's and really liked is above the Dunks downtown. Fancy but not too fancy.

    1. The following is a list of the Restaurants in Chatham ( Hope this helps a little also will include places in Orleans which is just north. ( Good luck, Earle

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        Earle, curious which of your list do you personally like the best??


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          We liked the wild goose the last time we were at the cape. Which was about 2 years ago. Hope this helps. ( Take a look at the web site and you can decide. Earle

      2. Whenever I'm in Chatham the Impudent is always my first stop. I like to sit at the bar and have the Portuguese Stew with Mussels. For really fresh fish or fried oysters my choice is the Squire. While, it isn't anything fancy, this casual spot has some of the best fish around. Generally, I stay at the Wayside Inn and I've found that while their food doesn't deserve a rave, the space is quite comfortable and the food is good. I've heard that the Wequasset Inn has a newer restaurant that is outstanding and I'm sure ultra expensive, but it may be worth checking in. On the chain side, while I haven't eaten at the RooBar in Chatham, the one in Falmouth hasa delicious kona coffee crusted tenderloin. I'm also not sure about Upstairs at Christians as I had heard it was closing, but if they have reopened, the upstairs piano bar was always a nice stop for an after dinner drink.

        1. If you want a casual but really great meal go to the Squire. It is where all the local fishermen and lobstermen eat. You cannot beat the food freshess, quality, or price. If you want an elegant dinner in an old sea captain's house with a fireplace ( and certain nights they have a well-known live soft jazz band) go to the Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis. It's not all that far of a drive (25 minutes) and if you go there be on the lookout for Kennedy's. Have a wonderful time !!

          1. Have a great time in Chatham! Saw the recomendations for Wequasset and Christians - Wequasset is great, but closed for the winter. Christians closed for good several months ago. I would suggest a 15 minute drive to Orleans to Rosina's for great casual Italian or The Nausett Beach Club for the best of everything. Enjoy!