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Dec 26, 2007 01:16 PM

Chinese delivery Roncesvalles area?

We've tried Westwood Grill (Annette/Runneymede) and House of Cheung (Bloor/Lansdowne) but neither have satisfied us. Any suggestions out there for something better?

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  1. Best chinese delivery in the High Park area (although I don't know if you're in their delivery area) is Wok Terminal:

    156 The Queensway
    Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1J2

    1. Ug, Westwood is just dreadful. Try Westown or the Lotus Inn.

      1. You could try China Island. We usually eat in but they might deliver as well. They are on Bloor between Keele and Dundas

        1. Rice and Noodle at Queen & Lansdowne should deliver to the Roncesvalles area. They offer a no MSG option. Far better than House of Cheung, imo.

          Rice & Noodle
          1508 Queen Street West
          Toronto, ON M6R 1A4
          (416) 535-6868

          1. I would agree that Rice and Noodle, on Queen, is your best bet. Thai Spring Roll, also on Queen, has good Thai food and they deliver. Also on Queen are several good Tibetan Restaurants but I am not sure if they deliver.