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Dec 18, 2000 02:15 AM

After dinner, try the BOWLING ALLEY instead of a lousy movie

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From Jesus to Ghandi, bearers of wisdom, who have come with humility, have always been despised and crucified. Now, we come with humility and ask that you consider boycotting what we believe to be the greatest social disease of our time: Hollywood.

So far, we're having a profound impact. Donations to charities are going up and box office attendance is going down. This is good for society.
Instead of spending $15.00 at the movies, how about donating the money instead to:

1) American Cancer Society;
2) American Red Cross;
3) Lukemia Society of America;
4) Multiple Sclerosis Society;
5) National Foundation for the Blind;
6) Salvation Army;
7) Breast Cancer Research;
8) Parents Council Against Violence;
9) M.A.D.D.;
10)Alcohoics Anonymous.

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    Barry Strugatz

    Amen. The root of all evil are the vile motion pictures spewed out of the sewers of Hollywood. How many murders, rapes, genocides, famines and nuclear explosions have been caused by the wholesome sport of bowling?

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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      But have you ever bowled in Hollywood? The state of the Star Lanes could drive anybody to murder. Not to mention the controlled substance that lubricates the ``nachos.''

      1. re: Pepper

        are "nachos" really considered food? i was under the impression they are really secret weapons.......

        1. re: adamstoler

          Maybe let's ask Jonathan Gold, the secret agent....

          1. re: adamstoler

            Actually, nachos are an example of "installation" art.

      2. For those wondering, we chose not to delete this one spammish message as a special exemption--because the replies were so entertaining that it'd have been a shame to strike the thread from the site.


        1. I think you will have to settle for being despised and crucified. I'm also curious to know if non-lousy movies are still ok, and if they are who will determine if they are "louse-free".


          1. here's a suggestion-try walking IN Hollywood, eg along hollywood blvd, post dinner-it's one of the few places to walk in los angeles, AND, it's bound to be entertaining-as long as it keeps its'lovely and discreet neighborhood charm....