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Dec 26, 2007 11:46 AM

Best Cuban in Austin

Where is the best Cuban in Austin? I know of the place on South Congress, but no others...please send recs

Cubano sandwich or Media Noche is a big bonus

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  1. I'm not aware of any other cuban restaurants in Austin, other than Habana (the one on S. Congress that you noted). There may be places here and there that sell a cuban sandwich, but are not Cuban restaurants proper (for example, see the Spec's thread with the discussion of their cuban sandwich offering).

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      I've seen a number of places doing versions of pressed Cuban style sandwiches, but something else I've seen a lot of is Cuban style black beans.

    2. I like Cafe Mangu in Pflugerville a little better than Habana. With that said, it's been at least 6 months since I've been to either place. I always get the lechon asado and Cafe Mangu's version has been more flavorful and consistent to me.

      Several people have mentioned getting the cuban sandwich at Spec's. You should be able to search for the Spec's thread and find the info.

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      1. Habana is the only place I know of... My Cuban father approves of their cuban sandwich. I don't understand why their mariquitas are $5, but I like that the mojo you get with it has been stewing with the pork!

        Casita's on South Lamar actually has pork that reminds me of my dad's, though they tend to use super fatty pieces of meat. My dad uses the shoulder butt and it's fatty and greasy but not excessively so. I can hardly eat more than one pork taco fro Casita's, though they are DELICIOUS.

        I've never had the cuban sandwich at Spec's, but the one at 71 and MoPac has a decent selection of the Goya canned seafood. My grandpa used to eat the pickled mussels and smoked oysters while he drank rum, smoked cigars, and cooked dinner. He was a sort of pickled seafood enthusiast. The pickled mussels are my favorite (meijillones I think they're called?)

        Pretty much anything Goya makes is going to be great. My dad once wound up next to the regional Goya rep. on an airplane and asked if they just have a big warehouse full of old Cuban grandmas cooking.. Apparently it's not too far from the truth.

        Delicious bonus Cuban snack: 1 slice each of Goya guava paste and cream cheese on one of those thick crackers you can usually find on the bottom shelf of the hispanic section at the store.

        1. Is Habana on 6th street the same as the one on South Congress? I live close to the one on 6th and have been meaning to try it out...

          1. LakeLBJ,

            Yes they are the same and a tip for you, on Monday's, during Happy Hour, they do the Cubans, buy one get one free. Super deal!!

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              I have been to a few big group bday parties at cuba libre and I always order the cuban sandwich. It is soooo good and huge...usually end up sharing with someone else. They have great mojitos as well!

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                Cafe Mangu in Pflugerville has the best Carribean food that i've had. Their appetizers are always good, their steak dishes are phenominal, and last but not least, they have good cubans. Their tres leches is good also.
                Surprisenly, Alamo Draft House had a really good Cuban but they took it off the menu a while ago.