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Dec 26, 2007 11:20 AM

Professional Bread-Making Classes in Pittsburgh?

I'd love to take a bread-making class offered in or near Pittsburgh--hopefully one that's not too expensive and that teaches not only classic but also more modern or interesting recipes. Any information or advice on where to go (or not to go) would be appreciated.

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  1. A little-known and unadvertised (as far as I know) series of cooking classes is offered by the PA Culinary Institute of Pgh. My siblings and I recently purchased a couple of cooking classes for our parents. We were told that the classes always sell out and are "too popular," hence the absence of publicity (I don't believe you'll find anything about the classes on the PA Culinary website). Call or e-mail Terry Moran (, 877-729-5771, ext. 4519). Not sure if there are bread-making classes, so good luck.

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      Enrico's offers one but it's more of a food tasting that a bread making class. He had pre made dough and you baked it it. Delicious food though!

    2. There is a wonderful cooking studio in the southside called Sweetwater. And they actually have a bread baking class next monday. I took this class last year and it was great.