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New York style pizza

mwhip Dec 26, 2007 11:00 AM

Anyone know of any good pizza places that are close to the New York/East coast type? I have a friend just moved here from Boston and they really miss New York style pizza. Willing to drive to any part of DFW if it is that good. I have some good neighborhood places around me but they are not even close to New York good.

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  1. s
    soulslinger RE: mwhip Dec 26, 2007 11:34 AM


    Well there are three places that I have seen pop up on CH for great pies. Campania, Olivellas and Grimaldi's. I have also attached two posts from people looking for the same thing. On those posts are about the best places we have (which are very few).






    1. m
      MastPetu RE: mwhip Dec 26, 2007 12:50 PM

      If you really want NY PIzza...try this site http://www.iwantnypizza.com/

      For the amount you pay for shipping I would rather settle for "Similar" to NY pizza :-)

      1. k
        kelly2 RE: mwhip Dec 27, 2007 07:29 AM

        Definitely check out the new Grimaldi's in West Village.


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        1. re: kelly2
          DiRotiman RE: kelly2 Dec 31, 2007 02:35 PM

          I keep hearing about this place:

          I hear it's good and I've been wanting to try it, but gravity keeps me leaning towards Louie's on Henderson for their thin, crispy slices and killer bar. I guess I'm more of a fan of St. Louis style -- and the thick, upside-down Chicago deep dish pies...

          Another pizza joint I've frequented over the years is, Al's Pizza over by Bachman Lake. See: http://restaurants.dallasobserver.com...

          1. re: DiRotiman
            irodguy RE: DiRotiman Dec 31, 2007 06:45 PM

            Sals is just okay at best. Basically the typical pizza about the same as the Joe's chain of pizza places.

            1. re: irodguy
              DiRotiman RE: irodguy Jan 1, 2008 05:59 PM

              That's good to know! -- Sal's is lowered on my to-do list now! Thanks, irodguy!

            2. re: DiRotiman
              amini1 RE: DiRotiman Jan 6, 2008 12:16 PM

              I lived in Dallas for 2 1/2 years coming from NYC and Sal's is the first place that popped into my head. I used to stop for a slice or two before going out at night. It won't be an perfect substitute but it's pretty close. I can't recall if we ever bought a whole pizza but New York is all about the slices unless your talking about Grimaldi's, John's, Patsy's, etc.

          2. b
            bnemes3343 RE: mwhip Dec 31, 2007 06:57 PM

            I think you may need to explain that you are writing from Dallas/Fort Worth and Grimaldis in NY is a bit of a hike... Good luck with the pizza. Can't help with that, but I understand you have some great food where you are...

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            1. re: bnemes3343
              Miss Picky RE: bnemes3343 Dec 31, 2007 07:45 PM

              Grimaldi's is a new Pizza place / restaurant in the West Village, near downtown Dallas.
              We went down there on Saturday only to discover they won't be open for lunch until mid-January. They open about 4:30 pm. And they have a Sam Adams Lager and a wheat beer on tap.

              1. re: Miss Picky
                vktp RE: Miss Picky Dec 31, 2007 10:38 PM

                And just to clarify-- Grimaldi's here is the brand new Dallas outpost of the NY original.

            2. m
              mbreed RE: mwhip Jan 1, 2008 06:45 PM

              Give Coal Vines a try. It was started by a former NYC police officer.

              Coal Vines
              2404 Cedar Springs
              Dallas, TX 75201
              Phone: 214-855-4999

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              1. re: mbreed
                jinet12 RE: mbreed Jan 4, 2008 09:41 AM

                Agree, it is the closest thing to NY pizza that I have tried, though honestly, New York pizza can really only be found in NY....Kinda like going to NY in hopes of good Mexican food....

              2. m
                mrbean RE: mwhip Jan 2, 2008 01:30 PM

                I'm surprised no one has mentioned Pastazios. I think it's really top notch. I wish Addison circle wasn't so far from my work, or I would go there more often.


                Mr Bean

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                1. re: mrbean
                  oakcliffbuff RE: mrbean Jan 19, 2008 10:24 AM

                  Pastazio's is now also by downtown Dallas at 3028 N Hall St

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