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Dec 15, 2000 12:09 AM

fire and books (not food)

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My apologies for posting the following non-food questions to this site, but I don't know of any appropriate and equally reliable information resource. And I figure you all are as good as any I'm likely to find anywhere, anyway.

I am getting ready to move within LA for the first time. Does anyone have recommendations for movers?

I would also like to buy a cord of wood and have no idea where one would do such a thing here. Mid to east LA preferred.

Many thanks for any suggestions (including suggestions for more appropriate sites for such questions).

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  1. No apology necessary.

    Just look in the yellow pages under "movers" and shakers.

    I suggest you scan the Ralphs/Macy's/Robinsons/May ads in the LA times, you'll find your "cord" on sale eight days a week. There's a great big forest, in a park, in the center of the city. The woodcutters there would be happy to chop you a cord. Where do you think all the Xmas trees come from?

    Oh yeah, and don't forget your "club" card. Use it and you get charged extra for the "priveledge".

    1. All Seasons Firewood in Pasadena (San Gabriel Ave at about Walnut) is good. You get a choice of wood types, and they deliver and stack it for pretty reasonable prices. The wood is the right size and generally clean. Their number should be in any SGValley phone book.