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Dec 26, 2007 10:45 AM

Cambodian on Wickenden St. (Providence)

I'm visiting my Mom in Providence for the holidays, and we quickly drove by this Cambodian place. (I think the name was Ancora or Angora?) Anyway, if any chowhound has tried it, I would love to hear what you thought, and whether you have any recommendations of what to order. Thanks in advance for any input.

(formerly from R.I. but now living in Park Slope, Brooklyn)

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  1. I'm hardly a Cambodian expert, but I loved it. The interior, given the building's bland exterior, was surprisingly crisp, modern, and cozy, and the food was super fresh, light, and tasty. I believe I had the nim chow, golden triangles, and two entrees I can't recall at the moment (one a chicken and rice dish). Only my sister's pad thai, her Asian dining standard, was merely average.

    It's also a very good value. I'm definitely going back. It's great to have Sawaddee and Angkor blocks from one another. The East Side finally has some excellent Asian, and who would have guessed it would be Thai and Cambodian, and not Japanese or Chinese?

    - Garris

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      I went there a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. The interior is very cute and cozy as Garris had already mentioned. Definitely not as a circus as Apsara on Hope St. We were seated in the back by a very nice waitress (again a change from the rudeness that is Apsara on Hope). I opened the menu and was slightly disappointed to see the many noodle dishes. The menu is small so I ordered the most authentic dish I found on the menu -- the beef salad, which is "plear" in Cambodian. My partner got the street noodle dish.

      We were both satisfied by our choices. My salad was citrusy and lemongrassy. My boyfriend really enjoyed his noodle dish which packed quite a punch. The owner came by our table to meet us and told us a little more about her restaurant. I begged her for more authentically cambodian dishes. She informed me that they're planning on expanding the menu in 2008 to include more fish dishes and my favorite -- an anchovy/fermented fish dish (prahok) that is a staple in cambodian cuisine. The owner is very nice and friendly and I'd definitey be back

    2. Original poster, here. Just wanted to report that we had a lovely meal at Ankgor last night. (I'm still not sure if I have the correct spelling.) We asked if tere were any specials, but the waiteress said no, so we ordered from the menu. The baby "lot" (thin, fried egg rolls) were a light and crispy appetizer, not greasy at all. I had the bee bhoong noodle dish, which was a pleasant combination of noodles, beef and vegetables, although the sauce was a little too sweet. Next time, I'll order the beef salad and/or the street noodles, as Sprinkez recommended. If I get a chance to meet the owner, I will also encourage her to increase the authentic Cambodian dishes! Thanks for the info, hounds!