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Dec 26, 2007 10:18 AM

Bonjour Bakery in Balto's Mt. Washington

Hubby and I went to Bonjour on Xmas eve morning to pick up a previously reserved chocolate mousse cake and other goodies. Were greeted with 'attitude' rather than a warm "good morning" or "merry Xmas" I was assisted by the person who did take my order over the phone and it was grudgingly dispensed, hardly what one might call a sales pitch. As she boxed up my two cakes (both were FANTASTIC with heavenly chocolate flavor) I looked over the breads and picked up a baguette, another sales person seated in the rear of the store said, "Did you have an order reserved or can I help you with something?" again, lots of attitude. (Hubby left the store early on- he couldn't stand the attitude.)
Though I really enjoyed the chocolate mousse cake, I am loathe to return to this place. Has anyone else had this kind of experience here? Was it just an off day? Do you have any other recommendations for delicious bakery items in the North Baltimore city area?

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  1. Stone Mill Bakery at Greenspring Station

    1. I haven't been there....but it sounds like they were REALLY FRENCH !!!

      1. I'd have to say no. Stonemill does nice French country baking-rolls and breads, but nothing of the caliber of the pastries of Bonjour.

        It is the best bakery for French pastries and cakes north of Patisserie Poupon. If you haven't checked out Patisserie Poupon, you may want to. It's on Baltimore Street just off of 83 in downtown.

        As for attitudes, well, I have experienced curt and very French attitudes in Bonjour in the past, but the pastries and quiches are so good that I don't mind. I just go in, pick what I want, pay for it, and leave.

        Almost all fine bakeries come with their own attitudes.

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          I have found that attitude at patisserie Poupon, but not at Bonjour. I hope it was an off day (jour de cheveux mauvais?)

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Bonjour is an interesting place that I've gone to off and on for the past five years. The owner is married to a Frenchman and she tends to be very hot and cold, depending on the day. Some days she's friendly and nice, other times she personifies the stereotypical French person that people in America despise.

            The pastries at Bonjour are okay. I'm not a fan of places that like to use those large sugar crystals on their muffins. For my choice, I prefer Patisserie Poupon on Baltimore Street for French pastries. They are quite excellent.

            For breads, I can't seem to find better than Atwater's in Belvedere Square.

            Perhaps it's just the "French Experience" to serve with attitude. Or (perhaps more accurately), it's just the "Baltimore Way" to serve with attitude and entitlement.