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Dec 26, 2007 10:10 AM

carribean place for Friday night

Am looking to go to a carribean place (cuban, hatian, jamaican, Puerto Rican are all good) perfer NOVA but will consider a drive.


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  1. Jamaica, Jamaica is a tiny, clean spot located in a Herndon Industrial Park where everything is at least very good. About five of us had a successful lunch there. Limited seating: only a few high tables with stools to sit at, but maybe they have a dining area I didn't see?

    1. II assume you are willing to go to a pretty hole in the wall place. Carribean Grill on Columbia Pike is very good for chicken, plantains, etc.

      1. Carribean Breeze in Ballston is a good spot. Its at the corner of N. Fairfax Drive and N. Randolph Street on the ground floor of an office building.