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Dec 26, 2007 09:50 AM

Other uses for my silicone molds

I made small financiers using a sheet of oval silicone molds. They came out of the molds easily and looked great. (Also tasted pretty good.) The molds make ovals that are about two inches long and about an inch deep.

They looked fantastic on a platter. What else can I make with these molds. I suppose cake would work. What else?

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  1. Jello. Not kidding! Add some fruit into the Jello mix. Kind of summery, kitschy cold retro salad.

    1. Line them with pie crust dough and make mini-quiches or mini-fruit tarts or any number of fillings......I'm thinking crab, scallions and cream cheese, for starters. Or line with puff pastry. The options are endless. I'd love to have these molds. Where did you get them?

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        Will soft things like jello or gellatin things come out of these molds ok?

        I got mine from Click on the link for molds and then within that I think I clicked on "flexible molds." They have a good assortment. That site has absolutely everything for baking and cooking. For professional kitchens but they will ship small orders.

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          Never done w/ a silicone mold, but I imagine it would work fine. Nothing sticks to them. The old jello mold rings were made of plastic or metal. These may be better.

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            Silicone molds can be simmered in water, or frozen. Nothing sticks to them, so they are great for molding plated desserts. You are only limited by your imagination in using silicone molds.

            BTW, JB Prince is great to work with, and the prices are right.

      2. Ice cubes made of fruit juices or fruit purees.



        Ganache for "pave"

        Mini Flan (invert a cookie sheet on the top, then flip the mold to get them out)


        Mini Cakes

        1. Jello could be savory, as in cherry tomato/basil aspics, or sweet, with fruit. I've also made alcoholic gelatin (not Jello) molds, which would be great in small individual molds, because it would control portions. I've made a whiskey sour and cosmopolitan mold, both successfully. It's fun, if you're into that kind of thing. I like to make one for the holidays. They never get fully eaten (my family aren't heavy drinkers), but they are conversation starters, and provoke much laughter.