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Dec 26, 2007 09:28 AM

Alternative to L'Ami Louis

I am in Paris for the week and have really been enjoying french food-- have also had cous-cous and a seafood tower. I think I now understand why Americans are so obsessed with L'Ami Louis. It is a french version of a steak house, with the steak/ chicken served simply and the side dishes separately on the side. The cuisine is a bit plainer and without the heavy sauce often found in many bistros, and the "meat" is the star. I have found L'Ami Louis to be expensive and filled with American tourists in the past. What other places can you suggest that serve this style of food in Paris and also have the lively atmosphere?

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  1. Wow, in any case, you really mean it with your mutiple post!

    There's le Severo, another high quality meat centered bistrot, for example. It is in the rue des Plantes (14th) and in the Michelin. One could also mention le Ribouldingue, specialised in offal. Le Petit Marguery maybe. Chez Prosper in Nation is also loved by Americans, quite cheap, quite good, excellent ambiance. See also the post on rotisseries, that are meat centered and convivial. Le best imo is la Rotisserie du Beaujolais, the bistrot of la Tour d'Argent. Le Père Claude is also a good match for your description, it is famous and a traditional place where chefs eat; especially on sunday. But not that good, really. Imo la Gitane next door is much better and also quite simple and meat centered (Paris 15th). I would add La Rotonde, my favorite brasserie, good food and good wine around the clock in Montparnasse.

    I am not sure however that any of those will offer food as good as l'Ami Louis. For that, at cheaper prices, and not necessarily less Americans, I would turn to l'Ami Jean rue Malar or to La Regalade avenue Jean Moulin.

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      Re Couscous did you try Wally, rue Rodier (@tour d 'auvergne). It is worth it.

    2. So sorryabout multiples-the mac is giving me problems here! It said repeatedly that chowhound was having problems and that the post NOT did not go through! Thanks for the feedback and recommendations--I am not sure where we will go--rotisserie or perhaps it is worth it for L'Ami Louis--though no reservation. We did go to Wally and thought it was delicious! Also took your advice and ate at Rotonde yesterday as it was open on Christmas--that was oyster and seafood day--so we didn't check out the other food. It was wonderful--very busy and fun as you had described and the food was excellent. Thanks for being the resident expert-at my home in Los Angeles we have a larger quantity and variety of posters--but in any case this has been a fun tool for researching Paris dining--and Much better than the outdated guide books one used to rely on in the olden days!

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        I had the best cous cous in Paris ever at La Mosquee, a very atmospheric restaurant (with beautiful Moroccan-style courtyard) located at the La Grande Mosquée de Paris. Don't miss it if you ever have the time!