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Dec 26, 2007 08:43 AM

Lancashire hotpot and other Brit grub

Does anyone know of a place in Central Texas that serves Lancashire hotpot? I'm pretty dubious as most attempts at British cuisine here come out pretty lame (why can't anyone get close to real chips? Home fries and McDonald's frenchfry clones are not welcome!) for the most part. I doubt I'll ever see a roast mutton on a menu here given America's strange aversion to mutton, and that's probably why I won't ever see Lancashire hotpot given its main ingredient is usually lamb/mutton neck. If there's some place serving any decent Brit grub, please lemme know--other than the usual suspects like the fake Brit/Irish pubs.

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  1. I've lived in Austin for seven years and have never found anything resembling British food in a restaurant anywhere in Texas. Even if you find somewhere that serves Shepherd's Pie, it will be made from beef, not real shepherds.

    1. Well, you're in the land of cow here, and a long way from England to boot. I think there's just no market for a dish like Lancashire hotpot here, even if someone had the inclination to go to all the trouble of procuring the ingredients. Check out my thread on fish and chips here - - at least you'll know where not to go. You might also visit Bombay Bistro for a pretty decent curry (and improved service, based on last night's visit), as well as Boomerang's for a selection of meat pies. Okay, Boomerang's is Australian but the pies are still good. You can buy frozen bangers, Cornish pasties and Irish bacon from Phoenica Bakery's two locations. Oh, and if you're ever in Houston, the Richmond Arms is English-owned and serves up quite a few traditional favo(u)rites. Good luck, and keep us posted!

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        Yes, I love Boomerang's. Bombay Bistro, now that's a place I've yet to check out. Last time I was in London I was very not impressed with the Indian food, thinking I'm not missing anything living here, fwiw. I'm wondering if you've tried the Irish breakfast at Fado? I've had it on several occasions and am well impressed.

        Oh, speaking of being in the land of the cow, I spoke with an old friend who's one of the butchers at Whole Foods (the guy who worked at the original Central Market meat counter)--he says that WF is going to be getting some local lamb and possibly mutton later this month. I think this is very exciting.

        As to the hotpot, I'll probably just make it myself.