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Dec 11, 2000 04:55 PM

HELP! Christmas day lunch ANYONE????

  • k

A non blood related relative just screwed up a 30 year old Christmas tradition. Trying to find a nice restaurant other than any Chinese restaurant or deli to go for Christmas Day Brunch/lunch. Hotel buffets are fine, if you know of any suggestions, Please help! we're desparate!

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  1. The Original Pantry downtown dishes up turkey with all the fixings along with its usual slice of noir on Christmas Day. It's economical, too, and you probably won't cringe too much, since the Pantry would never ooze gushy Christmassy yuckiness.

    1. We had Thanksgiving Day dinner at the Huntington Ritz in Pasadena (not away from home by choice - had to travel.) They offered a daytime buffet and evening sitdown meal. It was really lovely and the food was delicious, not inexpensive, but a nice holiday treat. I am sure they offer a Christmas Day menu as well.

      1. The original comment has been removed