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Dec 26, 2007 08:32 AM

True that Hearth has lost its luster?

Tell me its not so! Was dismayed to see that Hearth has been repeatedly singled out in recent posts here as having settled into -essentially - restaurant mediocrity and I had SO looked forward to taking my boyfriend there...I remember many wonderful dinners eaten at the pass through (the gnocchi....mmm....) and have been talking this place up to him for weeks...I've moved out of town and will be returning for a few dinners later this week with him. Hearth had been A #1 on my list of places to return to (but only at the pass through...I always found the house of the restaurant oddly off-putting) but now am unsure.
Do I want to take a chance on Hearth? Or has all the love and care gone north to Insieme? Is it worth it? Or do we go to my other old faithful, Blue Ribbon on Downing?

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  1. i had one of my birthday dinners here in october and i was excited about it as well. it was fine enough and i left rather stuffed which is rare for a place like that but i think there are a bunch of restaurants that opened over the last year or two with the same type and quality of food for much less money...little owl comes to mind most.

    i think you can do better for the money but its still a tasty restaurant. personally, id go with allen and delancey or little owl if you can get reservations...both are quite excellent.

    1. I too have read the reports. We live close by but have not had a full sit-down meal in some time. We usually opt for bites at the bar, which have certainly been up to par. I at least haven't given up and hope to give it another shot soon. I'll report back if and when.

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        I posted recently that I went and we were all very under whelmed.