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Dec 26, 2007 08:17 AM

Suggestions for Lunch?

I'm looking for a restaurant for a weekday lunch in the vicinity of Olympic near Wilshire. Any suggestions? I'm pretty flexible as to the type of food, and would like some place that isn't extremely expensive.


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  1. A bit confused by your request, as Olympic and Wilshire run parallel to each other, and are essentially always separated from each other by a couple mile's distance for their entire respective lengths, from the beach to many miles inland. That could be anywhere from Santa Monica to Downtown. Do you mean 'between Olympic and Wilshire'? And if so, in what part of the town(s)?

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      Oops. Sorry about that. I meant Santa Monica Blvd at Wilshire. I guess this would be considered Beverly Hills. I will be around Olympic Blvd near Beverly Hills High School and would like to stay in the general vicinity. I don't mind traveling a little in any direction, but would prefer not to go as far as downtown, Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Culver City. I hope this is clearer than my original message. Thanks.

      1. re: sgiord

        OK, that's clearer. On Santa Monica Blvd ( a couple of miles west of the Wilshire/SMB intersection you cite ), there's Clementine; its in Century City, but away from the fray of the shopping and business juggernaught nearby... Al Gelato is a couple miles to the east, on Robertson, as is Urth Cafe on Melrose. But if you opt for Melrose, I say go just a bit further east and snag a seat at Pizzeria Mozza for lunch. But then, things are gonna get pricey...

        1. re: sgiord

          Really good sandwiches (especially their chicken panini) and a casual vibe at il Tramezzino in Beverly Hills.

          1. re: Servorg

            I second Il Tram. A Beverly Hills staple.
            Chicken Panini (aka The Chicken Special) is the only way to go. You can also request it on "soft bread" which is a little easier on the roof of your mouth. Some people complain that the regular bread tears up the roof the their mouths.
            Banana and Nutella croissant is to die for. They warm it by placing it in the panini press.