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Any recipe ideas for demi glace?

I just received two jars of Williams Sonoma demi glace (one beef, one poultry) for Christmas. I've never used it before, so I'm not sure what I can do with it. Is it only for sauces? Can it be used with wine? Will it work in a slow cooker?
Any advice appreciated!

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  1. jYou can use the demi glace sauces as is.....beef demi glace over a special piece of beef or bison etc.... poultry demi glace for a special cut of veal. The demi glace sauces can also be used for a base for many other sauces. For example, I made a demi-glace sauce and then added a 1/2 cup of Port for a Port Sauce to go over the Rib Roast I cooked for Christmas dinner. If you have cookbooks with traditional French recipes you will find lots of ideas for your demi-glace sauces. Enjoy!

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      Thanks Deborah. I'm looking forward to trying out some ideas. I'll be sure to look through some French cookbooks.

    2. Demi glace is a concentrated, refined, form of stock. While it could be used any place where you would use stock, including in a slow cooker recipe, is usually used near the end of the cooking process, either as the base for a special sauce, or to enhance an existing one. In other words, use it where you want to add an extra 'meatiness' to the dish.


      1. I'm sure "More Than Gourmet" won't mind you using their recipes for Williams Sonoma products. They have a nice starting collection of recipes using all sorts of demi glaces here: http://www.morethangourmet.com/recipe...

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          Thanks for posting that link, Caroline 1, I've bookmarked it-- didn't know there were so many flavours of demi glace!

        2. I make a killer Osso Buco that uses demi glace. It calls for veal demi glace, but I think you can use beef. I strongly recommend that you make the risotto that accompanies the recipe. Very delicious!

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I finally tried the poulty demi-glace last night in a chicken marsala recipe. It was delicious! I'll try the beef demi-glace next time.

            1. The demi glace from Williams Sonoma is the best! I add a couple of tablespoons to my au jus sauce when I make a rib roast and it really enhances the flavor. I also added a tablespoon to the sauteed crimini mushrooms I made for a side dish.

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                Hi: I purhcased the demi-glace de poulet from Williams Sonoma along with their recipe to use it in which is the 'Turkey & Sausage Gumbo' but now I've lost the recipe. Do you happen to have it?

              2. I'm making beef short ribs tomorrow (Jan 6) and either need veal stock (not an option), or a demi glace concentrate. Any comments on the Williams Sonoma product? We have one near us, so that's probably my best option. Thanks!

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                  Using demi glace on short ribs sounds like taking coals to Newcastle. There is plenty of beef flavor in the ribs. I'm not adverse to including some left over stock in a braised dish like this, but I wouldn't use an expensive concentrate.

                  Last time I was at 99Ranch (large Asian chain) I bought some beef tongue, beef shank slices, beef rib bones (99c/lb), and pigs foot. I first cooked the foot, storing the solids and broth separately. Pork broth like this doesn't have a lot of flavor, but has a lot of body ('knox blocks' stiffness). The rib bones were also cooked for stock, taking the remaining meat off part way through. The shank was cooked Peposo style, with lots of black pepper, and a mix of red wine, rib stock, and a spoon or two of the pork gelatin. The tongue was cooked in a generous amount of water, with modest amount of flavorings. Its broth is slightly gelled, though I use it sparingly (it's not the best tasting beef broth).

                  I also keep beef and chicken bases (e.g. 'better than ...') on hand, though I view those as meat flavored salt.


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                    paulj, your $ saving advice seems quite sound.. unfortunately it came a few minutes too late, as I have already returned from W&S with my $29 jar of veal demi glace concentrate (about what I would pay for really great braised short ribs at Captain Jacks in Ocean Grove).

                    On the other hand, I'm guessing I can get at least 6 - 8 dishes out of the concentrate, which makes the per-dish cost on par with a lot of more mundane ingredients (nearly $5 for a 1 lb bag of pearl onions, ditto for my stir fry snow peas...).

                    The only other thing I've ever done with beef short ribs is to grind them 1:2 with sirloin tips and make some really great beefy burgers. I guess it will be quite warm in Newcastle tomorrow night.