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Dec 26, 2007 08:05 AM

Leaving for South Beach on the 11th!

Just wanted to check back in our your final thoughts on my picks for moderately priced food for one vegetarian and one meat eater.

Thoughts on these? Any other places you reccomend we visit on our 4 day trip? We're adventurous hounds in our mid twenties but there must be lots of vegetarian options on menus to make me happy!

Pizza Rustica
Pita Plus
Mr. Chu's
El Chalan
Front Porch

Drinks at Nikki's, Van Dyke's

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  1. You did a good job on food - I think you can add something like puerto sagua or davids into the mix. I am not a vegetarian so I don't look specifically for those options but both places have pretty large menus.

    You could also do piola for pizza which is my favorite all around on the beach but it is very different from rustica which I also like.

    If you want to take the trip, sardinia has an excellent selection of veggies, and the salad I had was really good - prices are decent too.

    I would do Ice Box over Front Porch for breakfast. You should only do Front Porch breakfast options which they serve through lunch- dinner there is not as good.

    You may want to look into tap tap as well...

    Nikki's on sunday (during the day) is the best time to go there for drinks. I wouldn't go there any other time.

    Van Dyke has some good live jazz so if you are into it, go, it will have a good scene there too.

    My favorite spot for drinks is segafredo - the nicest spot and best scene. If you are vodka/gin tonic/soda drinkers you get great value for the money there.

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      Thank you so much for your reccomendations!

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        I couldn't find any info on for Piola, Ice Box, Segafredo or Tap Tap - do they have websites for any more information?

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            Just google them. Tap Tap doesn't seem to have a site.

            The suggestions you've gotten are good. If you go to Piola try to get a pizza with catipury cheese, a Brazilian cheese with the consistency of a smooth ricotta. I'd go to Ice Box as well. And although it doesn't get much love on this board, The Cafe at Books and Books not only has the usual cafe stuff, but many of their items have a Miami twist to them. There's also an entirely vegeterian section (not sure it's vegan, but sure it was vegeterian). It's on Lincoln Road near Ice Box and I'd recommend for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

            Also, don't put too much trust in Zagat, especially the Miami edition. Some of the ratings are so far off the mark as to be comical.


        1. I will be heading to South Beach next week and wanted some opinions as well. I've been frequenting your board for the past month! We will be in town for a few days over the Orange Bowl (Jayhawk fans), and we really only have one night for a good dinner and our group was thinking China Grill- we are big Asian/Hawaiian fusion fans... thoughts?

          We are also planning on hitting Joe's for lunch one day, and then maybe Puerto Sangua or David's another.

          Nightlife- since I'll be with a bunch of laid-back boys, we were thinking the Clevelander maybe Van Dyke's... we are okay with touristy spots, not really okay with $20 cover charges.
          Any thoughts would be great! Thanks.

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            China Grill certainly fits the bill for Asian fusion - it has its detractors here in part b/c it's part of the Chodorow restaurant empire, but I think some things are quite good - especially the crackling calamari salad, also like the chinese BBQ short ribs, BBQ salmon w/ chinese mustard sauce.

            For a more "native" take on Asian fusion, consider trying a Peruvian place. Because of a large Asian population in Peru, Peruvian food has sort of "naturally" become a curious east-west fusion cuisine. For a pretty traditional take, consider Francesco's; for a more modern, "haute" approach, La Cofradia, both in Coral Gables.

            I believe the Clevelander is currently undergoing remodeling.

          2. Pita Loca on 6th between collins and ocean drive has good salad options--good eggplant, etc...a few tables to sit at, or just get it to go, and eat on the beach---morrocan style Israeli, so nice and spicy---never been to Pita Plus---Agree about Front Porch, it's good for breakfast stuff. Get yourself some cuban food, for the veg, at least have some maduras, rice and beans---there are lots of places that have salads that would work for you------perhaps Opa Taverna would be good for you..and (greek salad, seafood, kebabs, other veg mezze options...--never been to the South Beach one-can't vouch for the quality, but the one in Hollywood used to have a good greek country salad, pasticchio, octopus, and other good seafood stuff,