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Dec 9, 2000 08:37 PM

cannoli in Los Feliz?

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Looking for an Italian bakery in the LF area that has cannolis.


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  1. Sarno's, 1712 N Vermont Ave. Not great cannolis--which don't seem to exist in Los Angeles--but cannolis nonetheless.

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    1. re: Pepper

      Sarno's has closed--within the last year. Any other good tips?

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        Just a moment of silence for the loss of Sarno's.......Maybe not THE BEST Cannolli's bla, bla, bla, but a real Old School Traditional Italion Bakery that has succomed to an OK average restuarant catering to the yuppy "fabulous" Loz Felize crowd. Look, we need more good places to eat over here, but it is sad that places like Sarno's bite the dust to accomidate my generations generally homogenous palette.(wish this site had spell check)

    2. Try the Italian bakery in Eagle Rock on Colorado Blvd.

      1. no, l.a. is not a good cannoli city. i live in los feliz and can't tell you of any itlian bakery over here that does them well. in fact the only cannolis i've found that i really like in town are at il gelati on robertson. it's an italian desert and lunch cafe run by a nice family from chicago and the cannolis, i must say, are excellent.

        (but i'd love to hear about good options on the east side.)

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          There used to be a good little italian bakery on Glendale blvd in Atwater village, with decent cannoli. Also call osteria Nonni in Atwater and give them a try. My first guess would be that farfalla on hillhurst might have canolli but it's just a guess. Sorry. (just looked on the Board of Health list, the bakery was called capra, I believe and i guess it's gone).

        2. Alas, Sarnos is no more, I grew up on there cannoli, torrone, and strawberry tarts. They will be missed. They are are real nice family

          1. I grew up eating cakes from Sarno's. Could you tell me why this great bakery has closed? Do they plan on opening up another bakery somewhere else? I was just in Los Angeles, and when I was told about this I was surprised. Please advise with any information. Thanks.