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Dec 26, 2007 07:56 AM

True Chicago style pizza in Mpls?

Everytime we're in Chicago, we go to Pizzeria Due (sister restaurant to Pizzeria Uno) and get our fix on Chicago style pizza. Is there anywhere here in the Twin Cities that has anything comparable? So far, we haven't found anything remotely close to a true Chicago pizza.

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  1. Thread is from April, but still current information:

    1. I'd been getting my fix by buying Gino's East frozen pizzas from Cub, but sadly those have disappeared from shelves.

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      1. re: BellaMN

        Rainbow Foods still carries them.

        1. re: Jordan

          the roseville rainbow near me carries the very small version of the gino's east pizza. i used to get the big ones(6 servings rather than 2) while cub carried them.any other rainbow carry the larger size gino's east? if so, i'll make the trip.

          1. re: carolita

            Good question. I noticed the small size is now being carried by the Rainbow in Richfield. Maybe they weren't selling enough of the larger size?

      2. The original comment has been removed