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Dec 26, 2007 07:56 AM

Is There Very Good Mexican Food with a Mariachi Band?

Is there anywhere in the New England area to celebrate a 40th anniversary with family that serves VG Mexican authentic food and has a mariachi band. We would like to spend 3 or 4 hours to celebrate and enjoy? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. I believe that there is a Mariachi band that plays at this Mexican chain in Hartford. I do not know how good the food is but the atmosphere is very nice. Some authentic dishes but also alot of Americanized "Mexican" food:

    1. In North Andover there is Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant and they sometimes have a 3 piece group playing. The food is very good.

      1. I was also going to suggest Agave Grill in Hartford or Southington, CT. I believe the one in Hartford only has the Mariachi band on Mondays so I'd call first.
        I do think the food is excellent but it's more modern of a restaraunt (it's a good thing) than kind of kitschy.
        If you are looking for a family type place to linger over a long meal and don't mind hearing La Bamba played by a mariachi band...try El Sombrero in Southington. It's fun. Food is ok...I prefer Agave for the menu and it's less kitschy.

        1. New England is a very big place. Where in New England? So far this conversation is based in Hartford. In CT, I like Agave. Some of the dishes are more tex mex like, but the Enchiladas (filled corn tortillas in a simple sauce are very good and the seviche is excellent). The table made guacamole is very good. Even the tex mex stuff here is above average. You have to know the bar tender to get a Margarita without sour mix. The Hartford location is busy, small and probably not suited to your three hour feast.However, there are some decent non-tex mex mexican restaurants in and around Hartford. My favorite is Monte Alban on Farmington Ave in the West End of Hartford (just good food, some nice moles (read.. mole = chilli sauce, may or may not have any chocolate in it), and is nice place. No band here, just good food. This may be a good choice if you can ax the band from your requirements. You can probably work with them to create a nice feast. Cayote Flaco on New Britain avenue in Hartford also gets decent marks... I am sure no band here either. Forget Puerto Vallarta restaurants in the area. Not sure what this food is, but generally flavorless. And the Margaritas may have some tequilla in them, but I can't detect it.. mostly sour mix.

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            There's a place on Atwood Ave in Cranston RI, don't remember the name, but they have a mariachi band regularly and the food was great.

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              That'd be El Tapatio. I think they've got mariachis on Monday.

              Mariachi music drives me INSANE, especially when eating!