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Are there any places to buy discounted Le Creuset in the city?

Looking for any deals - discontinued colors, or lines are fine. Maybe even post-Christmas sales...

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  1. Sometimes, Zabar's has certain LC pots on sale.

    1. W-S is currently running a sale on some pieces.

      1. Century 21 used to have it. I'm not sure if they still do.

        1. My local hardware store often has discounted prices - S. Feldman's, on Madison just north of 92nd Street. Don't think they are bargains though.

          1. broadway panhandler sometimes has good sales on them - thats where i picked up mine

            1. Just back from the UWS Gracious Home and they had two different sizes of oval casseroles on sale.

              1. TJ Max on 6th Avenue carries some pieces. Selection varies. They carry the teapots pretty steady.

                1. I've seen them discounted at Marshall's on 125th Street and Lenox Avenue.

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                    I'd say Zabars, TJ Max if you're open to other brands, or if your going to buy enough to make it worthwhile, you can get to their outlet store at Weoodbury Commons by bus from the Port Authority Bring a rolling cart cause the stuff is heavy.

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                      Bed Bath and Beyond always mails those 20% off coupons. I have a coupon right now and it doesn't list LC as an exclusion.

                  2. Century 21 has it from time to time, you just have to get lucky. there's an outlet at woodbury commons but the price difference is barely noticeable.