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Dec 9, 2000 05:46 PM

French Bistro - Help!

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Cafe Bizou in Pasadena has been great, but we want to try another local bistro of, if not actual fame, at least some merit.
We've narrowed our search down (we think) to Cafe des Artistes in Hollywood and Frenchy's Bistro in Long Beach. From what little we have heard, Cafe des Artistes looks great and Frenchy's sounds great. We welcome / need your thoughts on these two and / or other bistro suggestions.

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  1. Try Le Petit Bistro in Sherman Oaks. Small, great service, bistro staples, and specials like boulibase on certain nights for a reasonable price. Also, more money and a little more formal, is Le Chardonay on Melrose in West Hollywood. Best Rotisserie chicken in LA.

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      Despite the negatively toned Times review last week, Mimosa (same owners as Cafe des Artistes) is still my pick. There are lots of dishes, like tarte flambee Alsacienne, that you don't see on other bistro menus. I am still dreaming about the steamed leeks.

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        Michael Robertson Moore

        Try Le Petit Zinc on Wilshire in West LA. Service can be a little chaotic, but the food is fine and reasonably priced.

        Bouchon, Pastis, and Lilly's are excellent.

        Cafe Stella in Silverlake is a trendy nightmare. Be warned. Food's not bad (if you don't mind cheap cuts of meat), but getting a table (when you've a reservation...and you're standing there waiting...and waiting...) is a hassle.

    2. Another nice bistro is Buchon on Melrose near Fairfax.

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        Buchon, which I would like to like because it is so close to me, is not a good choice. Terrible service with waiters who flirt with the (other) patrons and the worst- DISCO music.

      2. I too am a fan of Le Petit Bistro, although I frequent the West Hollywood location on La Cienega Blvd. Another fantastic (and authentic) little French place is Pastis on Beverly Blvd. near Crescent Hts. A third place that is not exclusively French, but features French cuisine including an incredible soufflé, is the bungalow Off Vine (near Vine St. south of Sunset Blvd.). Bon appétit!

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          A the risk of being disowned by my family for divulging our favorite little French Bistro in the SG Valley... Cafe Beaujolais on Colorado Blvd., on the border of Pasadena and Eagle Rock is a wonderful little place serving standard French bistro fare at incredible prices for their consistent, high quality. However, the selection is limited, and the menu not very imaginative. I always feel like my pocketbook has been deeply gouged (and offended) when I eat at places like Mimosa and Cafe des Artistes. The food at those 2 places are just okay, sometimes even bland, and very expensive. The service frequently leaves much to be desired. Perhaps being film industry fave restaurants makes the waitstaff at Mimosa and Cafe des Artistes frequently irritable?

          However, my all-time favorite bistro is actually in OC-- Troquet, which is a great value for its imaginative menu and inspired execution.

          1. Cafe Figaro in Los Felize on Vermont is really well realized. Good experience over all!!!!!