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Dec 26, 2007 07:37 AM

best thai on the UWS?

Looking for great thai food with a good ambiance on the upper west side. Any suggestions?

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  1. Personally, I really enjoy Wild Ginger, which is in the Village at 51 Grove St., just west of 7th Ave. Excellent food, nice ambience, great prices. It's Zagat rated if you care about that kind of thing. If you're looking for lunch they have lunch specials.

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    1. re: jbreedlove

      Thanks, that is a good place. My friend just switched the location on me to the upper west side. Know of anything similar up there?

      1. re: hungryinny

        Unfortunately, I don't know of any good places over there... here's what I found on - maybe you can try one of the higher rated ones and let us all know how it was? Good luck!

    2. Land on Amsterdam btw 81st and 82nd is pretty good. Solid, reliable food at great prices. No reservations so there are lines after 7pm most nights. Also, not the biggest place in the world.

      1. Yup, Land is good. Check out the rest rooms!

        1. Charm Thai on Amsterdam around 96th Street. It's no Sripraphai, but it is not bad. They also have a generous lunch special.

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            1. re: BronxBoy

              I'd have to say the best Thai on the UWS now is Thai Market on Amsterdam and 107th.

              1. re: fgf

                i am a fan of charm as well. the space is wonderful - there's enough room and it is really done well. the food is really good and the service was fantastic. i just don't get the appeal for land. one can't even move from the table without disturbing all of the customers at nearby tables and i didn't even find the food to be that good. i really hate eating on top of other people. i also agree with thai market, although the food wasn't as good the second time i went. the space is nice, though. the service is tolerable.
                perhaps your friend would be willing to go a few blocks downtown to pam thai encore on 9th in the W40s. they are also open late.

                1. re: nativeNYer

                  I order from Land because I'm within their delivery radius and the food isn't bad, but I would never eat in the restaurant. Way, way too small and cramped. Sort of like a communal banquette running the length of the place without even the pretense of separation between diners.

                2. re: fgf

                  I like Thai Market too--it's always crowded, which is a good sign.

              2. re: Miss Needle

                I fourth Charm Thai. We've been there numerous times, and it's been consistently excellent. I especially like that they do not hold back on the spice. Very attentive service too. I actually prefer it over Sripraphai (gasp!). Land is overpriced for what you get, IMO. For those who have gone to Thai Market and Charm Thai, how do they compare?

              3. Lan is the best Thai Food.. Charm is garbage and bad for Americanized version of Thai.. Thai Market is pretty good.