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Dec 26, 2007 07:37 AM

Lapin a la Moutarde (Rabbit in mustard sauce)

We went to Balthazar on Thursday for their Thursday special of lapin a la moutarde, only to find that the online menu we based our decision on was out of date. No rabbit. Menupages indicates that this dish is available at Lucien, Flea Market Cafe, Brasserie Ruhlmann (would prefer to stay away from Rock Center this week) and Zucco.

Has anyone had this dish in NYC?

Many thanks, Happy Holidays.

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  1. i've had it at Lucien...while Lucien is one of my favorite places, the rabbit is not my fav dish there: it's ok, but i remember the mustard sauce being a little on the bland side and its served over egg noodles, which don't do much for me (although, they'll happily do any kind of subsitition there, so you get it with frites or spinach or whatever).

    1. I used to go to Chez Napoleon for rabbit in mustard sauce. I just checked menupages and I see the menu and chef are still the same. Thanks for jogging my memory because I really should get back there. The food is excellent and the ambience is thoroughly French. They have several other items on the menu that are hard to find, such as veal kidneys and calves' brains.

      1. not mustard, but the rabbit with prunes is a fav dish at BRUXELLES in the west village.