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Dec 26, 2007 06:52 AM

Pittsburgh Cuban?

If you look, Pittsburgh has a number of good ethnic restaurants (believe it or not!). But I haven't found any Cuban sandwich shops or restaurants (good or otherwise). Any ideas?

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  1. Kenny B’s Eatery was the only one I knew of. I believe it closed sometime ago.

    1. Kaya used to have a Cubano sandwich. I've never had one there so can't say how close to a true Cubano it is/was. Also there's a place in L'ville - used to be Ray's Marlin Beach Bar, can't recall what it is now. I think they kept some of the Carib theme and some Cuban-inspired dishes, but again, haven't eaten there since the change.

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        If you're still looking, came across an article on Muriel's, a relatively new place in Allegheny West (Northside) that apparently serves a mean Cubano. I haven't had it, but I am familiar with the article's writer and respect her tastebuds.

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          I've been sorely disappointed with other food at Muriel's; no idea about the Cubano there. The former Ray's Marlin is now called Remedy, and I'm told the food has gone downhill. I'm a big fan of Kaya in general, but their Cubano sandwich doesn't do it for me.

          I can think of some nice South American, Central American, and Caribbean places in Pittsburgh, but not Cuban! I think you've pointed out a void in the dining scene.

      2. Occasionally, Point Brugge has a Cubano for lunch, and it is great. But I don't know how frequently.
        Good luck

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          My wife recently has a Cubano at Kaya and she enjoyed it though admittedly we've never had a cubano at a cuban restaurant here or anywhere else.

        2. Kaya has my favorite Cubana in the city... they also give you a generous portion of sweet potato fries. It's $10 total but worth every penny (especially since I spread it into two meals because the sandwich is so big).