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Dec 26, 2007 06:44 AM

Tea Cup Collection - Display Ideas needed

I have sort of inherited a tea cup collection (15-20 cups and saucers). My kitchen is very cottage like - well, being renovated at the moment. So, displaying them in the kitchen would be okay I guess. Dining room might work too----even the guest room?

Any suggestions on what to do with them?

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  1. I inherited one too about the same size. I put them on a dedicated shelf in our china closet. You can also consider one of those display coffee tables with a glass enclosure, or try to make or find some kind of wall display unit that has boxes arranged in some way to display knick knacks. You just need to make sure that the boxes are deep enough.

    1. My grandmother had a lovely collection. She displayed them in hanging shadow boxes which had mirror on the interior of the back side (hope this makes sense). This allowed the entire design to be seen without removing the piece. They looked wonderful.

      1. Please, please, please USE the cups, if only on a rotating basis (and if you are in a situation where breakage possibilities are minimized, if that's an issue). These heirlooms are more precious if they are used. A dose of Grandma's favorite tea in the afternoon, in her favorite cup; a half dozen biscotti in a cup after a dinner party, even a blowsy rose floating in one of the teacups as a centerpiece. The USE of these heirlooms is what makes them special. They were used in their previous serving lives...why not now?

        Enjoying Grandma's napkin ring tonight,

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          I plan on using some of them. Which is why I want the cups somewhere accessible so I don't grab for a mug all of the time.

          I like the idea of using them for other things than tea! Honestly, I had not thought of it. Thanks, cayjohan! I like the "eclectic" kind of look, so this will be a fun project.

          Once my kitchen is completely redone, I will have some good shelving ideas.
          Thanks for the help, Chowhounds!

        2. Hi! I have a huge collection of tea cups. I just love them. I found a very good site called They make the most beautiful wood display shelves. Take a look. You might like them.

          1. Martha Stewart's Blueprint magazine had cups and saucers holding jewelry it was really cute. I think they were in a drawer. Made me want to do it because it was just so cute and organized. You could always do that with some extra ones.