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Dec 26, 2007 06:37 AM

Tokyo Table in Santa Anita Mall?

Has anyone tried this place yet? I did some CH searching and came up with posts about the Beverly Hills location from earlier in the year but couldn't find any recent posts, nor any about the new location in Arcadia. Has anyone had any recent experience with Tokyo Table, especially the new one in the Santa Anita mall? Thanks!

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  1. Been to both, and it's not bad. The dishes here are primarily Japanese-fusion / modern Japanese with stuff like sushi pizza (seaweed + sushi rice topped with a salmon/crab/scallop mixture, and baked with a slice of jalapeno), mochi cheese gratin, stir-fried udon noodles and, of course, your rolly sushi. I'm particularly fond of the sushi pizza.

    I feel it's slightly overpriced for what it is but it's a nice loungy spot to have a few drinks and share a few small plates (not sure if the Santa Anita location is still working on its liquor license, it only has sake/shochu stuff whereas the BH location have actual spirits).


    1. Went to Tokyo Table at the Santa Anita Mall. We tried a variety of appetizers; I think this is the way to go.

      First dish was the tofu salad, made with homemade tofu. Nice delicate crispy noodles surrounding the tofu on a bed of leafy greens. A little expensive for what we got, but delicious.
      Next was Japanese style Char siu and very thinly sliced onions. Really enjoyed this.
      Then we had California rolls covered in tobiko (flying fish) roe. Good, but I normally don't order C rolls (concession to GF)
      Spicy tuna on crispy rice. Okay, nothing special.
      Dessert was honey toast with ice cream. japanese style bread lightly toasted and sprinkled with honey. Very nice, but could use more ice cream.

      The service was very attentive. Excellent.

      Total bill for 3: $50.00 plus tip. Pretty reasonable.

      There are a few more appetizers I would try next time like the rock shrimp. But considering how few quality Japanese restaurants there are in the Pasadena area, this is a welcome addition.

      Another poster had compared Tokyo Table on La Cienega to a California Pizza Kitchen, and that's a fair comparison. It's certainly not Denny's.

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        There is something so "pre-fab" about TT's food; I think you nailed it with the CPK analogy. I really want to like it for it's creativity/atmo/location/Sake and Beer selections but the food falls way short of great.

      2. Yes, it's not a purist Japanese restaurant, and Nozawa would force all involved to commit public sepuku, but I think it is great for what it is. I had a large dinner party at the BH location and my guests loved it.