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Dec 8, 2000 04:34 PM

Sushi in Orange Co.

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While I, like many Sushi lovers am devoted to my favourite places in the Los Angeles area, I live in Orange Co. and sometimes, even I, the Autobahn frau that I am, wish to dine locally. There are a few "yuppie" (is that still a word) type sushi places here in the Beach cities (Huntington, Seal, Laguna) but I am looking for the place that a true chowhund (no that's not a typo) may enjoy. Your turn.

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  1. try restaurant abe. in newport beach. haven't been but heard it's great.

    1. Have you already tried Koi in Seal Beach? It's the best that I've found down here so far. Osu on Goldenwest just north of the college used to be good; haven't been there in a while.

      1. Can't remember the name of it, but there's an excellent sushi place in Costa Mesa, in a small strip mall adjacent to Yaohan plaza. Go early because it's usually packed by 7:00.

        David Cook

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          David's right. This place is small and is called "Angote" or something like that, but it's great. Arrive early, though. Prices are reasonable as well. Afterwards, you might also want to go into Yoahan Plaza for some noodles.

        2. The best sushi I have had in Orange County is Sushi Momo in Fullerton in a nondescript shopping center just south of Bastanchury about a block west of Harbor. Best things to order: Spicy Tuna Salad, Tiger Shrimp lettuce roll, Albacore boat and Barbeque Salmon. The service is lousy, but after eating there you won't mind it that much. Place gets filled up for dinner and even lunch sometimes, so get there early.

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            Gretchen Hartman

            i just wanted to tell you that we share a name :-) My maiden name is Gretchen Ehrenberg cool huh?