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Dec 26, 2007 06:33 AM

Google maps of Sonoma County Wineries

I may be spending some time in the North Bay next year and put together some Google maps for my own benefit that others might find useful. Details in first link.

Sonoma County Wineries

Forestville Wineries

Geyserville Wineries

Glen Ellen Wineries

Healdsburg Wineries

Kenwood Wineries

Petaluma Wineries

Santa Rosa Wineries

Sebastopol Wineries

Sonoma (city) Wineries

Windsor Wineries

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  1. Use in the most general way

    Info is cobbled together from various web sources and OLD books I have about wine country. At the very least there is a visual display of where the wineries are, approximate hours , if tasting could involve fees, possible tours, etc.

    At the end is
    A link to the winery
    A link to the Chow Place record, if any
    A link to the SF Chronicle summary
    A link to a detailed SF Chronicle article, if any

    The most reliable info is from the winery but even then lots of businesses don’t keep websites current.

    The Chow Place feature broke in the middle of this. If I have time, when it is fixed, I’ll try to add those. However at this point that might not happen until I visit the winery. Use the search feature if interested in Chowhound opinions for a specific winery.

    While the Chronicle has SOME recent information in their wine guide, a lot of information dates to the years 2002-2003. I’ve found lots of discrepancies when checking against the wineries website. Still those links seem very useful. Also there was information that I wasn’t interested in. So if looking for they types of wine, detailed event facility info, etc check there or the website.

    Sonoma Farm Trails was more current, (within the last year), but even so, there were discrepancies with the website.

    As I visit wineries, I’ll update the map and note the date visited on my map.

    Here’s the template I used:


    Hours – check with winery to be certain of current hours

    Ammenities – Tasting Fee or Complimentary Tasting, Tour availability, Picnic Facilities, Event Facilites


    TASTING FEE: This is probably the least accurate part. Will be updated as I visit

    TOUR: Guided, self-guided, daily, by appointment. An overview of the tour will be provided when I visit.

    PICNIC FACILITIES: Will be updated as I visit.

    FOOD AVAILABLE: Reading about the wineries, a significant number have some sort of food onsite … some with restaurants, others with delis, some with local products like bread cheese or olive oil. Will be updated as I visit.

    NOTES: Just stuff that interested me.

    HANDICAPPED ACCESS: The Chronicle sometimes notes this. This won’t be updated till I visit. There is access and there is access … wheelchair, limited mobility, etc.

    GETTING THERE: How much of a hassle to get there.

    VISITED: Date of my visit. I’ve been to some of these places, but nothing recently..

    MORE INFO: - useful links.

    Of course any tips anyone has prior to my visits are VERY welcome.


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    1. re: rworange

      It has been a while, but I really liked the wines at Cosentino -- no amenities or tours or such, but good wines and friendly staff. Not food related, but there is a wine barrel factory (in Napa I believe) that was fun to tour.

      Very nice lists, though!

      1. re: Marc Wallace

        Thanks for the reminder of that wine barrel factory. That may be where a friend of mine wants to go with me ... though he made it sound like a small operation.

    2. if you are going to Harvest Moon, and sunce, Check out Hook and Ladder.. very good wines at a good price.

      1. rw- wow- thanks for this-

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. This is VERY impressive, Krys. Thanks!!