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Dec 26, 2007 05:43 AM

Orange Ct

any thing decent to eat, want more organic and simple?

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  1. Whenever i'm out on the Post Road around a mealtime, which is quite often, I'm dumbfounded at all the chains and fast food joints. Where can I get a decent meal that doesn't come from a freezer?!? I usually end up at one of two places: Baja's or Shanghai Gourmet.
    Also, whatever happened to the Whole Foods that was supposed to go into Milford Marketplace?

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    1. re: JRW

      Whole Foods won't be going in there, at least not right away. I read in the paper that it's been put on hold, but now I can't find the article -- it was a couple weeks ago, maybe a month.

      As for Orange, I'm no help -- I'd keep going to Milford to Bobette's. Not organic, but great soups, good sandwiches and nice people. Or the other way, to Claire's in New Haven.

      1. re: JRW

        Coromandel-Indian food of the highest quality prepared by a chef who worked in a five star hotel!

      2. If you like sushi, try Wild Ginger on the post road. Always attentive staff, clean and fresh...

        1. I usually go to Wasabi on the Post Road.

          1. For sushi, I'm a big fan of Friend House, which is in the strip mall next to Trader Joe's. I go there fairly frequently- my absolute fave roll is the Fuji Maki, which is a spicy tuna roll that is lightly tempura-battered and quick-fried (the entire roll), which is then sliced and scallop and tobiko are sprinkled over the top. Then the sushi chef runs a torch over it for a second or two, which gives it an amazing smoky flavor.

            Highly recommended, either way. They always have interesting-sounding specials. I don't think they do much publicity, as whenever I go there's hardly ever anyone there.

            Organic... you're probably SOL.

            I also frequent the Thai House which is across the street from the Hayama (i think) steakhouse. I can also recommend Coromandel- their brunch is excellent.

            1. The original comment has been removed