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Dec 8, 2000 11:31 AM

seared foie gras on the Westside?

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I tried seared foie gras for the 1st time a few months ago at Andres in the Monte Carlo in Vegas... it was sublime! now i am on a quest for seared foie gras (not pate style) in LA. But i'd rather not pay 5 star prices if possible. I live in Culver City, so any suggestions on the Westside would be great.

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    Tom Armitage

    Foie gras is expensive because of the cost of the liver, so it ain't goin to be cheap, even with a modest markup. The foie gras at Chinois on Main with pineapple-ginger sauce is an out-of-this-world classic. Likewise for the foie gras at Melisse, with a Banyuls reduction sauce. But the prices at Melisse are among the most expensive in L.A., so this is definitely not the place to go for a bargain. There are lots and lots of places on the Westside serving seared foie gras. Pick a restaurant that otherwise sounds interesting, and then call and ask if they have seared foie gras.

    1. Joe's in venice serves grilled Ahi with seared foie gras as an appetizer, 14 bucks, which could probably be ordered as an entree. Joe's is very reasonably priced for fine dining on that side of town.

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        It also comes with a rosti potato cake.