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Dec 6, 2000 11:23 PM

spago beverly hills?

  • k

never been there. currently is it any good? If so, what dishes would you recommend? how are the austrian inspired dishes?

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  1. r
    Roger L. Simon

    It's actually quite terrific (almost worth the money)and the Austrian-inspired dishes are fine too (cooked in a highly-traditional manner, unlike the rest of the cuisine which is Puck-eclectic). I loved the weiner schnitzel. A great place for an occasion.

    1. Expensive. We spent about $150 per couple. Nice atmoshere. Very small, but somewhat tasty, dinner portions. We went with another couple and no one really raved about their food. Don't get me was pretty good...just not knock your socks off good. Their tuna tartar cone appetizer is quite good. I had the quail and it was pretty good. Don't expect to see famous people.