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Dec 25, 2007 09:37 PM

Red Velvet Cake

Just for future reference for those of you searching for an amazing cake ---, after searching all over the city for a great Red Velvet cake to serve during Christmas and being highly disappointed by the service, help, prices, insanity of the standard recommendations (i.e. Bluebird, Susina, etc.) - I turned to something different, Torrance Bakery and man, I've got to say.....the cake was stellar! Dense, moist, sweet, three layers w/ cream cheese frosting. It was amazing. I know it's probably out of the way for those who don't live in the South Bay, but its worth the drive and was half the price of the other bakeries.

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  1. Sprinkles red velvet cup cake are the best rv I have ever had...but they don't make cakes.

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    1. re: Sarsa

      Sprinkles makes a terrible and tasteless cupcake, how could their red velvet be good?

      1. re: Adsvino

        I love em....you are sooo wrong

        1. re: Sarsa

          Buttercake blows Sprinkles away...... you have no clue. Sprinkles is overrpriced and not as moist as others.....

          1. re: Schweinhaxen

            as i wrote: its the best i've had, and its far from terrible and tasteless, as advino wrote. I prefer Sprinkles over Lark and Susina

            Thanks for the 411 on Buttercake, it looks great;can't wait to try them.

          2. re: Sarsa

            I have to agree. I was severely underwhelmed by Sprinkles. They were cute, but that's it.

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              I recently tried Sprinkles' red velvet cupcake (the Newport Beach location), and thought it was yummy. Very expensive though, given how small is was.

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            I like Sprinkles' red velvet cup cake, too, but thought all the other flavors are aweful. My favorite cup cakes are from Leda's Bake Shop but I don't like their red velvet cup cake.

            1. re: fdb

              Yeah I love the sweet cream cheese frosting on their RV cupcakes. I love sweets!!
              They are the best I've had so far.
              Went to Buttercakes last week but they were closed for vacation...so I will have to wait for until I try theirs to give feedback but I see too Buttercakes got some mixed reviews here also.
              I will try Leda's--Thanks

          4. Dots in Pasadena makes a yummy red velvet cupcake. I don't think they make cakes either.

            1. Torrance Bakery sounds good, Cheesepuffs2006!
              After looking over their website, it appears to be a cake store. Can I purchase just a small piece of Red Velvet cake, or would I need to buy the entire cake?
              Do they sell other individual items?

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                As it is, basically, a bakery, I honestly don't know if they sell it by the slice. However, if you call, they are so nice and accommodating (which is pretty much a rarity, I must say), I'm sure they'd let you know. When I went to pick up the cake, they had a lot of pastries in their counter, but I can't attest to their quality. Only the quality of the Red Velvet! Fabulous!

              2. I've heard that Bake n Broil in Long Beach makes a great Red Velvet. Haven't had that one yet, but love many of their other items.

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                1. re: justagthing

                  I can confirm that Bake N' Broil makes a damm good Red Velvet Cake/Cupcake!!! Always fresh and moist with good flavor. All of their cakes and pies that I've tried have been exceptional. Can't believe how many times that I drove right past this place, often on my way to the long closed Russell's that was nearby.

                  1. re: sel

                    I have a lot of problems with the Bake 'n Broil -- over-processed meat in their chicken fried steaks, over-cooked and lumpy bean soup, under-caramelized onions in the onion soup, pans of soup and vegetables sitting on the kitchen floor, careless service from some of the kids waiting on table, etc. -- but I still go there for the occasional great dish (Swedish meatballs + baked potato, e.g.), and, yes, the pies and cakes are very good but not, IMHO, extraordinary. When you mention the long-closed Bixby Knolls Russell's, however, memories of great tender-crisp hash browns and fragrant, towering meringue pies flood the brain.

                    1. re: Amazing Awesome

                      Russel's moved to old town Pasadena long ago and back then their food sucked but their meringes still towered....but pies were so so and I have not tried them since. I wonder if perhaps I went on a bad day because there still there..? Are they worth re-visiting??

                      1. re: Sarsa

                        Although I really loved the diner grub at the 3 Long Beach Russell's that have been gone for years, the couple of times I had burgers, green salad, hash browns and pie at the Pasadena location I was dissapointed. It's been quite a while since I have been there so I suppose that it could have improved but I doubt it. I would be interested in reading some recent reports!

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                        Man, I could totally see where you're coming from, but I had a good experience at BnB. Their onion soup did come with not-so-much caramelized onions, but I felt the soup had a lot of dimension and gave me that homecooked feeling. I also thought the chicken fried steak was hearty. The service was attentive and warm (we sat at the counter, though). Next time I'd like to try the meatballs and baked potato you mentioned. Sounds like good stuff.

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                        i found B-N-B's apple pie sickenly sick, way too running hence crust beyond soggy. had a severe apple pie craving tho so the first 2 bites tastes so good. if you're in it for the volume, you're in for a treat; 1 slice of pie weighed nearly half a pound. eat it all and feel disgusted with yourself later.

                        the red velvet cake did have a great cream cheese (and coconut flake?) frosting, but the cake itself wasn't THAT moist. reading amaz. awesome's review below makes me happy no actual food from B-n-B made it into my stomach.

                        1. re: TonyC

                          I haven't tried the Apple Pie, usually just not my thing. If I were served anything that was as bad as what you describe I'd ask for something else! All of the cakes that I've tried have been very fresh and moist and all of the fresh fruit, cream and merangue pies have been tasted wonderful and are reasonably priced!

                      4. re: justagthing

                        It's all about B&B. The cream cheese frosting is not overly sweet and very rich. The deep dark red cake couldn't be more moist or flavorful. Love it. They also make a great chocolate cake. Some pics from the place...


                        1. re: justagthing

                          I am so excited! I just ordered a red velvet sheet cake from B&B for my birthday!

                          1. re: Oh Robin

                            Happy Birthday to you! How much do they charge for a sheet cake?

                            1. re: justagthing

                              Thank you! Well the cake ordering WAS a little confusing. When I called the place was super busy and the guy on the phone was getting his size & price info from another very busy sounding person. He said $48.50 for a decorated quarter sheet. I thought that seemed high, but since I LOVE B&B cake why not. When I went in the restaurant to order it (during 6pm dinner rush... what was I thinking?) the girl at the counter who helped me said it's a half sheet. I asked if they do more than one size sheet cake and she said no, quoting me $48.50. So either way I'm sure it will be amazing. Kind of wondering what it's going to look like, counter girl said they only have two kinds of decorations: for a boy or for a girl. But she also said I will be very happy with it. ??? I'll be posting pics soon at www.thatgirlcaneat.blogspot.com.

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                            I'm another fan of Bake & Broil red velvet. I just had a cake for my birthday this week. Delicious. The cream cheese frosting has ground pecans in it. And the cake is moist.

                            1. re: justagthing

                              hands down the best red velvet in los angeles. worth the drive to long beach!

                            2. Never tried their Red Velvet Cake, but I found that all their other cakes tend to have frosting that is much too sweet.