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Dec 25, 2007 08:56 PM

Where did you eat (out) on Christmas?

Most years I go the traditional route, and get Chinese food, but me and my SO opted for Hummus Place in the East Village. The place was hopping, and our meal was delicious: hummus fava, split pea soup, and falafel. Nobody looked annoyed to be working on the holiday, and we didn't get a single "Merry Christmas"! Here's to the diversity of our fine, fine, city! The shocker? We were stuffed for under $20, including tip.

I love New York on holidays, when the city is quiet - no more shoppers, no gangs of visiting drunks, just us locals having a good time.

Where did you go?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have a confession to make, and I feel so guilty about it. Yesterday I had lunch at Saigon Grill. I have been boycotting the place since the worker's strike started, but I had time to kill before my movie and I was hungry and that was one of the few places open. The food was fine, not exciting (maybe it was tempered by my guilt) and the place was very loud.

      I agree about New York on holidays with one big exception. Movies. The Union Square theater was crazy and so annoying yesterday. They really run that place poorly. (had to rant a bit - sorry)

      1. I went to Asia Grill on 2nd and 65 since I was at the UA at 64th Street and I've been craving Bo Luk Lak for months and I'm convinced Saigon Grill on the UES will not re-open. It was delicious. I know people here think Saigon is bad or not authentic. I love the bo luc lak among other things there, authentic or not. And there were plenty of restaurants open yesterday, Asian, the 2 Turkish places on 2nd in the low 70's, even a few Italian places. And yes, the place was packed!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. i used to go to 2nd ave deli...then veselka. this xmas eve i went to max on ave b. i was pretty surprised to see the place open...mostly full at was excellent as usual.