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Dec 5, 2000 11:16 PM

Korean near Tarzana and orange county mexican

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I just found this site and think it's fantastic.

I'm looking for 2 recommendations:

1) I have friends in town who love Korean food and need to find a good Korean restaurant to take them. I'd like to take them to a restaurant near Tarzana with a fun atmosphere where we can enjoy ourselves and eat BBQ meats (plus soon tofu chigae for me). I've read posts here about Soot Bull Jeep and that may be a possibility. I've also read recommendations for Woo Lae Oak, but the atmosphere may be a little more formal than I would like.

2) I've been looking for a good Mexican restaurant in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area - does anyone have any good recommendations? I haven't found one that rivals those in L.A. or San Francisco.

Thanks. Btw, I was happy to read about my favorite Vietnamese place, Thanh My.

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  1. As you are probably aware, there are very few Korean restaurants in the Valley to begin with.

    There is, however, one in Tarzana. Unfortunately, I can't remember its name but it's on the North side of Ventura Blvd. It may be a combination Korean/Japanese restaurant.

    One recommendation I can make from personal experience is the Korean B.B.Q. House at 20200 Saticoy in Canoga Park. This place is fairly authentic and, of course, has grills in all the tables.

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      Michael Messier

      It' has been a while since I was there, but the SE corner of the intersection of Van Nuys Blvd and Sherman Way has a number of Korean businesses, including a Korean BBQ restaurant.

      1. For OC Mexican, it's tough to go wrong with Taco Mesa, at least it was when I lived there a year or so ago. It's in Costa Mesa on 19th(?) down by the Triangle, across from the DMV.

        1. These aren't in Costa Mesa, but in nearby Huntington Beach. Mario's at 5 Points (where Main, Yorktown, and Beach come together); Don Ramon on Golden West at Warner; and Cantamar on Bolsa Chica at Warner (behind the KFC). They are all family run, local favorites with the usual Mexican goodies. There's also Taco Surf on Main Street in HB. Lots of good food for little money. They usually have a daily seafood special. Check out the Taco Surf on PCH in Sunset Beach for more of the same with live music (local bands; it's hit or miss as to musical style and quality).

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            Jim Slaughter

            Here's a very good Mexican restaurant on the peninsula in Newport Beach: Las Carnitas. It's on Newport Blvd, on the right hand side, just as you come onto the peninsula (across the street from Bank of America and Starbucks). Carne asada platter is wonderful. Great rice and beans, great tortillas. Good combination platters. Very well priced (Carne asada platter is maybe $5.00). You can't go wrong. This guy really knows how to cook traditional Cal-Mex food.

            Jim S.