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Dec 4, 2000 09:04 PM

spice stores?

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Are there any places where I can purchase high quality spices at a reasonable price? Are there any stores that specialize in spices? Normally I would buy my spices via mail order but it would be more convenient if there were any good local merchants.

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  1. Allan--

    Look down this Los Angeles message board index for a discussion called "Good source for vinegars, extracts, etc. in town?"

    There are some tips there that will probably fit your bill.


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Jessica Ritz

      Good timing for this post. There's a super duper spice place operated by an Israeli dude on the west side of Fairfax, just in between Rosewood and Clinton (1 block north of Canter's). Bags and shelves of all kinds of stuff abound. My neighbor went in there and talked to the owner for about an hour about all things spice related. She said his knowledge is incredible. I look forward to checking it out; I always seem to walk by at night when it's closed...

      1. re: Jessica Ritz

        Place is called ALLSPICE and I just did a story of how L'Orangerie chef buys all his spices there and has done an entire spice menu based upon the unusual ones he has found. Hours are erratic but have ageta website.

        1. re: Jessica Ritz
          Michael Robertson Moore

          The store in question is All Spice, 507 N. Fairfax (323-782-1893,, run by a (you should pardon the term) sage named Perry Doty, who knows what there is to know about his wares. Things move slowly as he gathers the spices from jars all over the store, weighing and bagging them at the counter, but the place is worth lingering at.

      2. Try Jon's, a local supermarket chain specializing in eastern european goodies. They have a nice selection of house packaged spices at excellent bulk-rate prices.