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Dec 25, 2007 05:33 PM

Went to Trader Vic's, Las Vegas--Ugh!

We have been waiting to try the new Trader Vic's at Planet Hollywood. What a waste of millions of dollars in construction. If you build a new place, at least have somewhat decent food. We had the duck tacos, $9.95. 3 little crisp won-ton skins with dried out duck meat, which did not even taste like duck. Lobster Potstickers tasted more like cream cheese inside than lobster. 4 little ones for $9.95. Pork spare ribs, which were so fatty I sent them back and had them take it off the check. Beef Satay, which were ice cold and no flavor, $9.95. The special fried rice, which was good, but not worth $19.50. It served the 3 of us but nothing really different than what you can get at any chinese place for about $6.00. Caesar Salad, nothing special and not enough dressing. $7.50. It did have a nice presentation though. None of us wanted to drink so we did not do any cocktails. The service was very slow, even though they had many empty tables. People who came in after us got their food, and I stopped the waiter and told him. He went back into the kitchen and got the order pretty quick. From the temp. of things I think it was all sitting back there. The salad came after all the other things were brought out. Don't waste your time or money! The parking at Planet Hollywood has to be the worst on the strip.

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  1. Did anyone ever have good food at a Trader Vic's? The three I tried, ranging from the early 1960s to the early 1980s, had poor food and fun drinks. I remember as a small child reading rapturous reviews of TV's, but I've always been suspicious about them.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Actually, the food at the Trader Vic's in Scottsdale, AZ is quite good. I know that is small consolation to our friends up in Vegas. However, seven of us had dinner at the Scottsdale branch last Saturday and we thought the meal was top notch. It was pricey, but very good.

      1. re: Seth Chadwick

        As much as I respect your opinion, I have to put it out there that both of my experiences at the TV Scottsdale were no bueno. My reviews would be similar to vegasmikes.

      2. re: Dave Feldman

        Haven't been to any of the new incarnations of TV's....haven't been to a TV in over 20 years actually...but I have the fondest memories of going when I was young. My dad loved the place and he'd take us to the one in Beverly Hills a couple times a year...especially as a young kid it was so fun to go and see all the decor, the ovens, all the exotic food(a pupu tray is the coolest thing ever when you're a young whippersnapper!). As we got older it was quite an adventure to try all the exotic cocktails(but again even as youngster the shirley temples in the tiki glasses were too cool!).

        We all live in the Phoenix area now and my sister and I have talked about taking my parents to the one in Scottsdale...but I've been hesitant that it won't have that same "magic" it has in all our memories and we'll all be disappointed....

        1. re: ziggylu

          Ziggylu, I used to go to the one in BH also and liked it a lot, that is why I was pleased that they were opening a LV location. This one is very sterile inside, no bamboo, just 2 giant tikis. Practically no decor at all. No oven. They could have called Vic's fake asian food.

          1. re: vegasmike

            The lack of the Chinese wood fire oven is Vegas fire codes. That one is the only one in the world that does not have a wood fire oven. They do have a wood smoker, but something about it just ain't the same, ya know?

          2. re: ziggylu

            Your experiences are almost exactly the same as yours. It's possible that the food really was sensational when I was a kid and deteriorated as soon as my palate developed, but I think it's more likely that TV has always been a sort of theme park for kids and adults. I'm not trying to put it down -- I loved it, too as a kid.

        2. So far, I have heard some bleak reviews of TV's in Scottsdale, AZ, but nearly all of these were from foodies, who knew the original in that general location. The OK reviews, have been from folk, new to TV's.

          Sorry to hear about the location in LV, but you saved me spending the dining time to try it out.


          1. This is surprising? Trader Vics and Planet Hollywood are two chains that epitomize mediocrity. Why would anyone go to either place?

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            1. re: IslayMan

              Well, lots of folks have some emotional connection to Trader Vic's, as you can see. As to Planet Hollywood, you're right as to the restaurant chain, but the Trader Vics in Vegas is in the Planet Hollywood casino (ex Alladin) which supposedly is aiming for a younger crowd, probably the reason for opening Koi there. The hotel itself is part of the Starwood group. There's a Planet Hollywood restaurant in Vegas but it's in the Caesars Forum shops.