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Dec 4, 2000 08:18 PM

la super rica

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don't get me wrong, the food here is pretty good. But does any body else find it way too expensive. i went there recently and the bill for two was near $30. and we didn't over order at all. food was good esp. the roasted peppers on the taco and the tamales, but is it me or is it basically way too expensive for what is essentially a taco stand rather than a full-service sit down restaurant. i would like your comment. thanks.

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  1. Michael--use our search engine (on the homepage) to search for "super rica" and for "superrica" and you'll find dozens of votes, for and against (join in by replying to anything that strikes your discussion is ever considered "dead" here).


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      People forget sometimes that wholesalers don't give special discounts to restaurateurs just because they happen to be selling tacos instead of $32 filets mignons, and chefs with the talent to cook at any restaurant in the country shouldn't be penalized because they prefer to cook at a Mexican restaurant.

      Quality costs, and La Super Rica serves what are easily the best, freshest, most lovingly produced antojitos in California.

      1. I said that about Super Rica months ago and was shot down with a stupid comment like 'if you can afford the cost of housing in S. B., don't complain.'

        It is good, but it's too expensive for what it is!