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Dec 25, 2007 05:22 PM

Downtown Austin favorites

Will be there next Thursday night. Staying at the Driskell, was wondering what people liked in that area.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. That encompasses a lot. Can you give us more information? Maybe what type of cuisine you're looking for, price range, etc?

      Also, using the "search this board" link above, type in "downtown" and you should be able to pull up a wealth of similar topics.

      1. You're staying at one of the most highly touted places to eat in town...if you can afford it.

        1. Other close-by obvious choices: The Four Seasons' redesigned restaurant, Louis' 106 (wish they'd bring back their delightful grilled fresh sardines though), La Traviata. All 3 close walking distance. Personally, I think Uchi is the best restaurant in Austin, a bit far to walk, but probably a 5 minute cab-ride. Another short cab-ride, for downscale, would be Sam's BBQ for the best BBQ in town, or Curra's on Oltorf, one of the better Tex-Mex places.

          1. Roaring Fork (just a few blocks down Congress) is an interesting dining experience, inspired by Texas cuisine but still approachable for a variety of tastes. Try the green chile mac and cheese or the green chile stew.

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              If you go to Roaring Fork, try the beef jerky at the bar!

              1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                Thanks, looking for something a little more casual. Tex Mex would be fine, is the Roaring Fork casual. Also, need a place open a little later, say around 10PM.


                1. re: txag

                  Roaring Fork is casual. Open until 10pm M-T, 11pm on F/S