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good quality kosher frozen chicken nuggets

Is there such a thing as kosher frozen chicken nuggets that actually containly mainly white meat chicken, as opposed to the processed garbage that is prevalent in any packet of kosher frozen chicken nuggets I have ever bought?

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  1. BF, most of the frozen chicken nuggets that I have bought have no or bad taste. If you are not pressed for time, make your own from chicken cutlets. They taste much better.

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      i make delicious shnitzel pretty often- but it does not freeze well.
      im looking for something i can keep in the freezer for those days when i dont have time to make the kids dinner

    2. I think we are all in agreement that homemade are best - but bigfresser I am with you I have young kids and sometimes it is just easier to toss some preforzen nuggets in the oven - with that said I do like Of Tov and Israeli brand that we have started getting here in the Chicago area - it is processed white meat and tasty - but still not homemade -

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        I, too, am looking for a brand that has white meat and is a little healthier. I think Of Tov without the sesame in the breading ,is horrible. I just threw out the remainder of the package. It tastes and smells like fried hot dogs.

      2. I seem to remember an Israeli make of nuggets and schnitzels which were frozen. However I have not seen them in America only in Israel and in England. Cannot remember which brand they are.

        I make my own nowadays, doesn't take long.

        1. It's not a packaged brand, but if you're in the Teaneck, NJ area, Best Glatt on Cedar Lane makes its own white meat chicken nuggets that are excellent.

          1. Meal Mart makes delicious frozen chicken nuggets- make sure you get the original kind in the blue bag, not the kosher for passover kind or the shapes. They taste exactly like the chicken nuggets you get in Kosher Delight. I find them in the freezer section of my local (Brooklyn) kosher groceries.

            1. I recently tried S'better farms chicken fingers, they were actually good.

              my local natural foods store ( Chamberlin's ) had them

              You can buy them online at http://www.aviglatt.com/Catalog_578.html

              1. Empire Kosher makes kosher nuggets that are cut straight from chicken breast meat (100 percent breast meat with no fillers).

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                  i also think the empire ones are seasoned better than the rest, and get a crunchy texture more quickly

                2. When I was pregnant I was a big fan of frozen nuggets. I tried many brands and I think Empire's are by far the best quality. It actually looks and tastes like real white meat chicken that was cut from the breast and breaded. There's no hodgepodge of different cuts inside. Also they get a real tasty crispy coating when baked.

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                    They even do well in the microwave, which is not what I expected to find!

                  2. Ok. Sadly, my son is a real connoisseur. For a couple of years that's all he ate and he still will only touch the "right kind of chicken nuggets." He opts for Meal Mart or Of Tov. He prefers the Of Tov Teddie Bears, but will choose Meal Mart over that if he has a choice. It has been years and we have tried many and this is what he feels is best. As for better chicken quality, I learned this last vacation that when done correctly, you can indeed freeze freshly made chicken tenders and microwave them later. My appetizing store placed the fresh chicken tenders (the kind my son is ok with) in small microwavable containers (6 to a container) and double-wrapped them with saran. I then froze the containers. We then heated them in the microwave on our vacation and they were strangely delicious. The key was freezing them while fresh and having them wrapped well.