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Dec 25, 2007 05:06 PM


This post was originally going to be "salad bar" in Florida. Feel free to mention them in this post along with your favorite Sunshine State's a few from Miamerry Miami!
Please be advised that this post is under the influence. Merry Christmas!

1. Joe's Takeaway Salad with your choice of fish.

2. Spicy Vietnamese Steak Salad - Big Pink
(sub mixed greens and go for a side of balsalmic vin)

3. Greek Country Salad - Taverna OPA

Chart House gets my salad bar nod.

Disclaimer: I realize there are better...much +/- better...that is exactly what I am in search of!

Give it up FLA and the rest of you touristas.

Gracias y Feliz Navidad!

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  1. Not a big salad guy but off the top of my head the Caesar @La Baguette (North Miami) and the chopped @ Rosinella (SoBe)

    1. The Maritana Grille at the Don CeSar on St. Pete Beach gets my vote. The location is beautiful. The hawaiian fish-Chef's selection is always perfect.

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        I think the Christmas turkey got to me...I posted this on the wrong sorry everyone!

      2. The only truly memorable salads I can think of are either gone from the menu or at restaurants that are gone ->

        - salad w/ thin shavings of foie gras terrine, green beans and truffle oil vinaigrette at Petrossian (formerly in Bar Harbour)

        - warm spinach salad w/ thin slices of pink roasted duck breast, mustardy dressing, and duck liver crostini at Timo (no longer on the menu).

        (perhaps you see a pattern here!)

        - wow, this one just came back to me - years and years ago, and for only a brief period of time, there was a place on Lincoln Road called Lure. They had a fantastic variation on a caesar salad with a dressing made with a tahini base, and they tempura-fried white anchovies to put on top.

        I also like:

        - caesar salad at Bugatti in Coral Gables (nice dressing, untraditional but good additions of pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes)

        - bibb lettuce salad w/ jalapeno ranch dressing, aged jack cheese and avocado at Michy's

        - the ltitle toss of bitter greens, fennel, cherry tomatoes, and olives, simply dressed and generously salted, that accompanies the cheese and salumi plates at Sardinia

        - papaya salad (thai spicy) at Siam Bayshore

        - spinach salad w/ warm bacon dressing, w/ sliced red onion, mushrooms, bacon and chopped egg at Capital Grille

        - pan-fried chicken salad w/ spicy pecans, buttermilk dressing at City Cellar

        - "traditional salad" w/ eggs, bacon, fat slices of tomato, big real croutons, w/ buttermilk garlic dressing at Houston's.

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          the one that brings a tear to my to this day was the Cobb Salad at a place called the Strand subsequently known as the Living Room. It was the first time I ever ate a Cobb and it has yet to be topped.

          1. re: netmover

            the Cobb salad (my salad of choice for a meal!) at Bin 18 on Biscayne Blvd. is very good. Carmelized onions, avocado, grilled chicken, tomatoes, eggs, bacon on mixed greens. Yum!

        2. Chinois Chicken Salad - Wolfgang Puck Cafe/Express at Disney (used to get at Sawgrass Mills but unfortunately his place never made it with the bargain hunting crowd that seems to prefer Legal Sea Food, Cheesecake Factory, etc.).

          The salad represents his take on the oriental and embodies the best trait a great chef can possess, that of taking the mundane/ordinary and raising it to another level much like he did with the pizza so many years ago now at Spago.

          y Prospero Ano Nuevo :)!

          1. My favorite 2 are the Cobb salad at the News Cafe on Ocean Drive in SoBe, and the 1905 salad with sauteed shrimp at the Columbia on St. Armands Circle in Sarasota.

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            1. re: Veggo

              I had the 1905 salad at the Columbia about a month ago. That's the one where the waiter prepares the whole thing table side, right? Good stuff, although I can live without ever having iceberg lettuce again in any dish!

              1. re: moonsea

                Ah, but the garlic...and the olives...the squeezed lemon...and all the coarsely grated swiss...and the kick from the sauteed shrimp and sopping up the butter with the cuban bread... works for me. Plus, I still get a kick out of tableside preparations done with pride.

              2. re: Veggo

                New's Cobb is usually stellar, in fact I almost included it in my top 3! Good Salad served 24/7 replete with seabreeze. New's has an array of other solid salads too. I had their mideast combo just the other day and it was as good as ever.