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Dec 25, 2007 04:37 PM

Whole Pickled Herring (Cream Sauce)

Where to get? There used to be scores of places and and my last source in Fair Lawn stopped carrying several years ago. I checked Russ and Daughters on Houston but they appear to have only the whole schmaltz herring.

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  1. Food Emporium carries it. You can ask for extra onions and sauce. My husband enjoys it.

    1. Murray's on Broadway near 89th Street. Once in a long while I buy one and eat it on one of the benches in the Broadway median across the street. Last time they put so much cream sauce in that it splashed all over my blazer. Delicious, $3 each.

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        thanks re: Food emporium and Murrays- the whole herring has so much more flavor than the fillets which can get oversaturated with the sauce. The whole fish retains so much more flavor. Now to get a good russian rye in the same area!

      2. Russ has pickled herring, but it's whole filets. They slice them, put them into a container, then add the cream sauce and lots of onions. Yum!