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Dec 25, 2007 04:02 PM

'Men's Health' IDs America's 20 Worst Foods

Go to and click on each of the numbered items in the red box on the left side of the home page. Awfully awesome -- or awesomely awful.

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  1. Thanks, Claire

    Jeeez.....that makes me want to take a laptop out when I dine at chains so I can quickly Google for the trapdoor items.

    I especially hate when one buys an item at the supermarket (drink, meal, whatever) and when one reads the nutritional facts, it breaks down, say, a can of soda into TWO or even more servings. WTF?? Who splits a can of soda?

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    1. re: MysticYoYo

      Nice to see Men's Journal point out a few of the most hellaciously unhealthy items--but they skimped on the larger issue, which is that hundreds upon hundreds of chain-restaurant menu items are right behind those 20.

      While Men's Journal tells us to "avoid the bloomin onion at Chili's," it's mum on the subject of, say, the 1140-calorie buffalo wing appetizer (100g fat), the 1370-calorie baby back ribs (82g fat), or the 520-calorie *side* of fries, topped off with the 1600-calorie Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie w/Ice Cream. I curated this 4600+ calorie Chili's meal thoroughly at random: I'm certain someone could find worse by spending a few more minutes searching on good resource for restaurant nutritional info.

      The ENTIRE MENU at most chains is a trap door. And hey, I'm not anti-corporate and I enjoy chain food now and then. But to be sure, those 20 items Men's Journal called out are not unusually beyond the caloric pale on chain menus.

      1. re: jeremysimon

        Men's Health -- not Men's Journal -- for anyone who wants to buy a copy or at least write the editors a thank you note for yet another wake-up call on the American way of "dining."

        And I agree with jeremysimon that the menus at most chains is a trap door -- and not a particularly tasty one at that.

        In Boulder, CO, a McDonald's just closed. CLOSED. And not because the building was being torn down for something else. Previously, a Bennigan's, an iHop, a TGI Friday's and a Wendy's went away. Chainification does plague the new 29th Street development, a new outdoor "lifestyle" shopping center, but they tend to be less well-known and smaller chains, and hopefully they won't all blossom. IMO, chains are as toxic as the bloomin' onion at Chili's -- which has not yet gone away.

    2. There was an extensive discussion on this article earlier this month:

      The moral: just say "no" to chains!