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Cheeseburger in Charlotte

Okay. I am a vegetarian, but once each year on New Year's I treat myself to a rare cheeseburger. I'm in Charlotte. Where should I go this year for my annual meat-fix?

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  1. I only know of one place in Charlotte that will serve a rare burger at your request.
    Try- Hef’s Bar & Grill Restaurant 1600 E Woodlawn Rd.
    The burgers and fries are excellent.

    1. go to harper's and get a pimento-cheeseburger. Usually they do rare.

        1. Yeah, I don't know, I think you'll have a hard time finding something decent open on NYD. Most places are closed. That said, if it's open, Firebirds has a nice burger... lovely in fact. Good luck... hope you find your annual fix that satisfies!

          1. I don't eat many burgers, and all that I do taste great to me. But there have been storeys in the local rags about the best burger in Charlotte being at Muellers Sandwich Shop on Huntley Place. I doubt that they will be open New Years day, but give them a call and see if thier hours coincide with your "annual fix". This place is tiny and I think pretty much take out(picnic tables out side). I would love to here a review. I suppose I should do a Chowhound search and see if someone has...Nope...nothing
            (704) 942-6040

            1. Eddie's is always great and they will cook to order, but they also may be closed on New Year's Day. We have Five Guy's Burgers now - though they won't cook to order - and they have fantastic fries. It's a pretty decent burger and they should be open that day.

              1. Just had a great burger today at Manzetti's.

                1. The Penguin is the place for cheeseburgers. INCREDIBLE! Try not to go later at night, as currently you can smoke in there, and it's hard to eat and taste with all that nasty smoke. It's definitely worth the drive and wait.

                  1. not from Charlotte but have been to the Penguin and the cheeseburger was very good

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                        My brother-in-law and I have conducted considerable research into this matter. We both strongly agree the Penguin "double-block" is one of the best cheeseburgers we've had anywhere. Five Guys does a good job and has multiple locations. Five Guys has the best fries. Though the Penguin's fries are standard commercial, they are still quite good. And of course, the Penguin gets the nod for best fried pickles.

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                          " We both strongly agree the Penguin "double-block" is one of the best cheeseburgers we've had anywhere"

                          Wow, really? That's quite a statement. Particularly since there are temperature restrictions in the state of NC. The Penguin is good, don't get me wrong, but it's your standard diner burger. Not fine quality ground beef, your standard commercial bun and avg. toppings.

                          The best burger I've had anywhere, hands down, is the burger at The Spotted Pig in NYC. A gourmet blend of ground beef from La Frieda's Meats in the city. Mmmmm, pure heaven served on a brioche roll. A distant second, but still very good, would be the Lulu Burger at Lulu's on Central Ave. As mentioned above, Firebirds has a good burger also.

                          Five Guys does have good fries.

                      2. OK. I don't get the Penguin. I've been. It's good, but it's not great. It's a cheap burger (which is fine! ) but it's basically a greasy spoon. Sure, it's great for a quick lunch.

                        For me, if I want a good burger, I head to Big Daddy's.

                        Now, here is where I get beat up for this post....

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                          I won't beat you up Mike. My husband has told me he will no longer accompany me to the Penguin. He thinks it's over-rated. It may be that because it's such an unusual setting for Charlotte. There's isn't much like it in this city. So maybe its burgers get more credit than they're worth. I wouldn't know. I go for the fried pickles.

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                            I said basicly the same thing, about The Penguin, right above your post.

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                              I'm with you. I mean, I like the Penguin and all, but when I see people waiting outside for 30+ mintutes for lunch, I just want to tell them it's not worth it.

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                                I agree the burger at Penguin is nothing to write home about, just your typical greasy spoon burger. I used to like to go sometimes just for the tats and piercings but now I go to dish instead. Even more tats and piercings and far better food. You gotta love a place that serves a deviled egg on every plate.
                                For the best Burger, head over to Big Daddy's Burger Bar on East Blvd.