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Dec 25, 2007 02:37 PM

In desperate need of Korean Food

Help, I am suffering from a severe lack of vitamin K, that being that ingredient which makes Kim chi so highly addictive. Since moving to Burlington Vt we have been desperate for a good, no, great Korean restaurant.

Requirements include at least a dozen different little dishes of Kim chi varieties and a clientele that is predominantly Korean. A menu that includes Jap chae and bibimbap are also a must.

Since we haven't found anything in the past six years this side of California I am willing to up the anti and drive within a three hour radius for a truly garlic and chili infused repast.

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  1. I bet you could get to Nashua NH in 3 hours: Goong Choun has a full selection of Korean dishes.

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      WHS, did you ever get a chance to try Sara in Pinardville (Goffstown, NH) for Korean food? I recall another thread where we briefly discussed it. I really need to get back in there as its been way too long. Their menu had such a huge selection of Korean dishes. I loved everything I had there, but I know so little about Korean food I can't speak to how Sara might compare to other places and was interested in the opinions of others.

      1. re: Dave B

        I've still not been there--thanks for reminding me. I have a rudimentary knowledge of Korean food, but I've loved the spiciness and robustness of the cuisine. YouYou Bistro makes a good bibimbap too.

    2. My first thought was Montreal, which it seems is less than 100 miles from Burlington. Montreal has at least 15 Korean restaurants according to
      I would also check out the Chowhound posts for Montreal.

      1. The Korean Place, Manchester, NH is hands down the best. Call for hours, and note that they are cash only.

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          I agree, we've been a couple times. That's just up from Palace Theatre, right? same one?

        2. wow at least a dozen of the little kim chi dishes? I have never been to a korean restaurant anywhere that gave you more then 6-7 of them. We go to a place in ayer for our korean fix. I have the menu posted on my blog dimsumtimes

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            Yes, a dozen. Our favorite place where we used to live, (the kind of place where to go to both when you didn't feel like cooking and when you wanted something special) pushed the kim chi concept to include whole garlic stuffed cucumbers, tripe, black beans, preserved tiny little fish and on and on (not limiting themselves to the usual chili, garlic, Napa cabbage mix.)

          2. I think Montreal is your closest bet. It's a lovely city to visit, as well. :) Great science museum (or so I hear, I haven't gotten to go yet)